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Vuk's homestead

Dobrina v Žetalah

A wooden "cimprana" house with a kitchen with fireplace, a room with baker's oven, balcony and thatched roof sits on a basement made from stone. It dates back to the Eighties of the 19th century. The legend says that it was built for holidays and management of the holding by a wealthy man from Maribor or Ptuj. This is also confirmed by written sources according to which it was held by a family from Ptuj between 1887 and 1914, and was then bought by Blaž Horvat, whose descendents lived in the house until the end of the 20th century when it became the property of the municipality of Žetale after its last inhabitant, the village craftsman Vuk, died.
In general, even in the first half of the 20th century there were still more modest wooden "cimprane" houses than clay "butane" and built houses, mostly having thatched roofs and simple arrangement of rooms: doorway, kitchen, large room – "house", and small room – "small house". The attic had wooden cases for cereals and woven chests for storing dried meat. Many houses had "black kitchens" from which smoke from the fireplace went freely under arched ceiling and through a wooden or built chimney outdoors. Accessories included a small table with a pail for water, a sideboard for earthenware and metal vessels, a poker, baker's peel and fire-tongs for putting pots in the oven. The big room had a baker's oven, fired from the kitchen, in the corner with a bench. On the opposite side was a table with benches and a crucifix and holy images in the corner above it. The house also had a bed usually with a drawer that could be pulled out in which children were sleeping. The small room had a bed and a chest, while a hand quern was an indispensable part of house accessories. They used oil lamps or special lamps on rape oil for lighting.
Outbuildings, basement, barn, cowshed, shed, etc. were usually separated from the residential building.

GPS Northing (N) : 46,2834 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,8073 


Place: Dobrina
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