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Tržič museum

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With its picturesque surroundings the town of Tržič represents a unique example of the alpine way of life that is reflected as a collective memory in the collections of the Tržič Museum. Through the initiative of the Technical Museum of Slovenia and with the efforts of the local museum society as well as the support of the local people the museum has developed since 1964 into the present public professional cultural institution, which collects, preserves, documents, studies and handles movable cultural heritage from the entire area of the Tržič Municipality. The central exhibition areas with tradesmen's collections (leather, shoemaking, wheelwright's trade, textile and charcoal-burning collections) in depots where they keep rich ethnological, natural-history, and art-history heritage and other documented materials, are located in the Zgornja Kajža by the artificial millponds of the Mošenik, where until the 19th century a tannery used to operate and later for more than half a century the dye works of the famous Pollak family from Tržič were located. The museum manages the Kurnik House as well, which is the birth house of the carriage builder and folk writer Vojteh Kurnik (1826-1886) from Tržič. The Kurnik House has a memorial room and also presents the residential culture in authentic rooms - 'hiša' and 'kamra' rooms, 'delavska' and 'črna kuhinja' kitchens, where we can still build fires and bake tasty bread in a farmhouse stove. The Kurnik House is located on one of the subsidiary exhibition grounds for smaller museums and other exhibitions. The Tržič Museum also manages the Ferdo Mayer Gallery (with periodical fine arts and artistic exhibitions), Germovka (the forge) and the partisan printing house of the Kokra detachment near Dolina. 

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Administrator : Turistično info. in prom. center občine Tržič | ++386 4 597 15 36 |
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