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The Solkan War Museum: Solkan – the Soča/Isonzo Front of 1915-1917

Pirjevčeva ulica 5 5250 Solkan
+386 40 437 476, +386 41 649 486
An interest in the remains of the Soča/Isonzo Front which were concentrated on the territory along the Soča river during the war years of 1915 – 1917 was born in the household of the Boltar family approximately three decades ago when on one of his off-the track skiing trips in the Krn mountains, Jordan Boltar accidentally came across the remains of some guns, pistols and a bayonet of the Austro-Hungarian Army.

Since he found the latter interesting, he took it home and kept it in the household attic until 1994 when his son Rok found it and the unexpected find aroused Rok’s curiosity and interest. Rok started to systematically collect relics and to read relevant books of this topic and on his numerous trips to the mountains new and novel finds kept coming up. Since it was obvious that such finds would be numerous he came up with the idea of arranging a private collection, not of a closed type, but open to the public for them to visit and as such placed for the memory and reminder of atrocities of the First World War. The collection is on display in the cellar of the residential building of the Boltar family in Solkan, covering an area of 55m2. It has more than 3000 objects of the Austro-Hungarian and Italian Armies. It is arranged in sections according to the purpose and the significance of the exhibited items. The Solkan War Museum is a private collection of items from the Soča/Isonzo Front of the First World War. The museum collection deals with the examination and preservation of the legacy of the First World War. The collection is not of a closed type, but it is open to the public for them to visit and as such is dedicated to the memory and reminder of atrocities of the First World War.

The Solkan War Museum engages in:
•researching and preserving the legacy of the First World war
•collecting, recording, maintaining and keeping items
•photographing the war sites of the War
•providing guidance to the private collection
•providing guidance to the Soča/Isonzo Front Sites.

The representatives of the museum cooperate with the Solkan Tourist Society during guided tours of Solkan. During its 15-year period of operation, the Solkan War Museum has developed an extensive and rich collection of items found at the sites of the Soča/Isonzo Front.

Entrance Fee: voluntary contributions. Visits can be made every day upon advance booking.


GPS Northing (N) : 45,9757 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,6502 
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Administrator : Turistična zveza TIC Nova Gorica | ++386 5 330 46 00 |
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