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The Caphucin Monastery in Vipavski Križ

Vipavski Križ 12 5270 Ajdovščina
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The Capuchin monastery was built in 1637 in and is situated in the village of Vipavski križ. In 1482, the Count of Gorizia and the Counts Attems surrounded the village with a wall because of the invasions of both the Venetians and Turks. Nowadays, you can take a look at the large monastery library and at the collection of Baroque paintings. In the monastery church you can find the biggest Baroque painting in Slovenia named Glory of the Holy Trinity which dates back to 1668. The parish church boasts fine carved altars, an artistic chiselled marble main altar, several oil paintings and a rich stucco in the chapel of St. Cross. The most valuable work kept by the library is the Manuscript Code, a prayer book from the 15th century, written in Gothic minuscule and ornamented with illuminations and grand initial letters. Another extremely valuable historical record is the entire Holy Handbook, comprising five parts, written by a Capuchin preacher Janez Svetkriški. The library also keeps the Collected Works of St. Jerome in 24 parts, which were published in Venice some time between 1740 and 1770, the book Carniola Antiqua et nova from 1681, written by Schoenleben, a handbook for preachers titled Palmarium Empyrium from 1742, written by Rogerij and many others. The older part of the library keeps about 2000 books which were printed between 1510 and 1800 while the entire library comprises approximately 25 thousand books alltogether. A lot of damage was done to the library after 1917, when the monks were forced to move it to the town of Krško, because the Isonzo front was storming not very far away. During the Second World War and after it, these extremely valuable books were left at the mercy of anybody who got in contact with them. When the monks were not present people took advantage of them and use them for heating. Therefore, only 10 percent of all books have been preserved until today.  
Artistic Heritage: At the entrance of the monastery you can see a stone coat of arms of the Counts Thurn that dates back to the 16th century, who were the first noble family in Vipavski Križ. In the church boasts a big Baroque painting, titled the Glory of the Holy Trinity painted by the Capuchin monk Oswald in1668 which is a combination of northern and Venetian style elements. This painting represents the top of the Slovene Baroque painting and is one of the biggest and most beautiful canvases in the Slovene area. The altarpiece behind the main altar is a painting of St. Francis and St. Clare by the Crucified Christ. A painting of St. Valentine hangs in the side chapel, which was painted by the master Jakob Schoneberg from Ljubljana in 1793. However, in the 1890s Simon Ogrin contributed a fresco titled Indulgence of Porjunkul (Porjunkulski odpustek) on the ceiling of the presbytery and the painting of the Stations of the Cross. In the monks' praying choir behind the main altar you can see paintings of the Mother of God, of St. Margaret of Cortona and of the prophet Nathan in front of the King David. The Venetian style is well represented in the painting of St. Francis of Assisi, receiving the wounds of Christ on the Mt. La Verne, that was painted in 1630. Moreover, the elements of the Karinthinan painting school are well shown in the painting of the Holy Head of Jesus Christ. In the dining room of the monastery hangs a painting of the Last Supper from 1700 and several paintings of various Capuchin saints painted in Friulian and Venetian style. Adapted from the leaflet published by the Capuchin monastery in Vipavski Križ.  

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