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Slom, Anton Martin Slomšek's Birth House

Uniše 11 3232 Ponikva
++386 3 748 20 25, ++386 31 552 191
Slomšek's birth house is a typical one-storey country house, where a museum collection was arranged at its renovation and its attic was remade into a multi-purpose hall.  The museum has several thematically arranged rooms that follow the child in his hometown, then the young man during his schooling in Celje, Ljubljana and Klagenfurt. In the next room the panels tell of his path as a priest and bishop.  The events that confirm the sanctity of the life of the Bishop of Maribor are especially noted. Pope John Paul II solemnly declared Bishop Slomšek as Blessed on 19th September 1999 on the Betnava Plain near Maribor.
In the hall of his birth house there is a collection of sculptural depictions. In the building there is a small shop.  A proper path leads to the house, which is a part of Slomšek's footpath. The house is regularly maintained and open.

Anton Martin Slomšek (Slom, 26th November 1800 - Maribor, 24th September 1862) came as the firstborn to a peasant family in Slom, in the hamlet of Uniša surrounded by orchards near Ponikva in the region of Štajerska. He was a priest and bishop, reformer, national awakener, teacher, writer and poet. From 30th May 1846 he was the bishop of the Lavantin Diocese, and was actually the one who brought its seat to Maribor, solidifying the northern border of the Slovenian nation. With his writing of numerous books, he strove for religious and Slovenian education. He was considered an excellent preacher and a tireless and modest priest. He even wrote songs that became popularised (En hribček bom kupil).
Special feature:
Slomšek is the only beatified Slovene; he was beatified by John Paul II during his visit to Slovenia on September 19, 1999.

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