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Kamnik Museum

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Phone: ++386 1 831 76 47, ++386 1 831 76 62
Fax: ++386 1 839 74 47
The Kamnik Museum has had its administration and exhibition grounds in the Zaprice Castle at Muzejska pot 3 in Kamniku since 1961. Since 1979 an off-site location, the Maleš Gallery (Galerija Mihe Maleša), has also been housed in the town hall at Glavni trg 2 in Kamnik. The castle complex Zaprice is comprised of the Baroque castle with preserved Renaissance architectural elements on the exterior and in the Renaissance vaulted ground floor business-administration building and walls with two six-angled towers. The castle complex and the Maleš Gallery have been proclaimed cultural monuments.
The extremely rich cultural heritage of the Kamnik area calls for preservation. Therefore it is not a coincidence that in 1893 the first private museum collection in Slovenia originated In Kamnik - the Sadnikar Museum (Sadnikarjev muzej) which is still today open to the public.
The nucleus of museum collections is comprised of: reacquired objects of the Sadnikar collection in 1964, one of the most powerful collections of Thone furniture, an outdoor museum of granaries of Tuhinj, the private legacies of civil and aristocratic families, important  personalities from that area, acquisitions and gifts of artistic and ethnological heritage and archaeological finds. The Maleš Gallery keeps more than 2600 works given by the Kamnik native to his town. In 2002 a donation by Mila Kačič was accepted comprising 14 works by Slovenian sculptor Jakob Savinešek.
The following exhibitions can be viewed at the museum: a lapidary, an outdoor museum of granaries of Tuhinj, Thone furniture in Slovenia, an exhibition about the most wealthy citizens of Kamnik in the 19th century, and the exhibition "Reflections of Kamnik's Centuries" - the main historical and cultural-historical features from the formation of the town in the 12th century to the 19th century. The Maleš Gallery houses the exhibition "The Fourth Generation and its Artists" (Miha Maleš, Nikolaj Pirnat, Olaf Globočnik, Mira Pregelj, Janez Mežan and France Pavlovec) and a collection of sculptures by Jakob Savinšek. 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,223 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,6058 
Administrator : Zavod za turizem in šport v občini Kamnik | ++386 1 831 82 50 | | last modified: 12/04/2006
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GPS N: 46,223
E: 14,6058
Place: Kamnik

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