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General Museum Collection and 1st. Slovenian camp in slovenia

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General Museum Collection

The General Museum Collection Ljutomer was opened in 1996. It was established following  the restructuring of the Museum of the National Liberation War (NOB) which had been founded in the year  1954.
The concept of the collection is based on the archival collection of the museum and is supplemented from archival sources and collections of other institutions and individuals.
The collection represents the economical, social, political and cultural life of the town and its surroundings. It is chronological.

Ist Slovenian camp (tabor) in Slovenia
The vast majority of people in the Slovenian national territory only knew Slovene. However, the spoken and written language used among the educated middle class and aristocratic society was, with rare exceptions, German. The majority of schools were German, however primary schools were Slovene, but not everywhere and not completely. All newspapers and articles were also in German.

In June 1868 the idea of political meetings in the territory of Slovenia spread more and more. Instead of the expressions used until that time such as convention, meeting, assembly, the name 'tabor' or camp was adopted which sounded more familiar to the people. Thus, on 4 July 1868, the district superintendent of Ljutomer wrote to the governor in Gradec that he had received an appeal from some of the inhabitants of the district (the solicitor  Jakob Ploj, Ph.D.) to request permission for an  open air event on Dragotin Huber's  meadow in the afternoon of Sunday 9th August. The camps started to be organised and formed according to the ideas of the, at that time, young Slovenian Liberal Democrats, who believed in the programme of  United Slovenia and decided to bring it to the people. 

On Sunday 9 August 1868, at three in the afternoon on Dragotin Huber's meadow, the Ist Slovenian camp started. It was opened by Anton Klemenčič, Ph.D., a priest from Ljutomer and other speakers followed.  The Ist Slovenian camp was attended by 7,000 people from all constitutional and administration units.  

The camps began with the Ljutomer camp, and finished with the camp in Buhlje near Grabštajn in the Koroška region, nearly three years later, on 6 August 1871. There were 17 of theses camps held on Slovenian national territory during that time. Camps covered all Slovenian territories. At the early camps groups of German citizens protested and called for prohibition, however the authorities were more liberal and continued to permit the camps. 


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