Internationally recognised wine varieties

Slovenian wines from varieties established in numerous winemaking countries can easily measure up. Some Slovenian wines are even better in quality and fullness of aroma and flavour. There are internationally recognised wine varieties from white and red varieties of grapes. White wines primarily include chardonnay, sauvignon, sivi and beli pinot. These wines are dry wines, while traminec, renski rizling and rumeni muškat are semi-dry and semi-sweet wines. Very popular among the Slovenian wine lovers are also red wines, such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, modra frankinja and modri pinot. Due to limited production, these and other Slovenian wines cannot conquer the largest global markets; however, they can conquer the most demanding ones. You will be easily convinced of this during a wine tasting in Slovenia.

Wine connoisseurs rank numerous Slovenian wine-makers at the top of the world, while their products are offered in the most prestigious restaurants worldwide.

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