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Puštal, Nace House (Nacetova hiša)

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Address: Puštal 74 4220 Škofja Loka
Phone: ++386 4 236 66 40, ++386 41 769 425
On the edge of the village of Puštal, right by the medieval Škofja Loka, above the right bank of Poljanska Sora stands the Nace House. The house is the only one in Škofja Loka that has not significantly changed its outward appearance or its resident house from the middle of the 18th century until today.  The floor plan is typical of an Alpine house. On the ground floor there is a built hall, “black” kitchen, wooden lower house, a small room and a granary. An almost identical ground plan is repeated on the upper floor, where along the main and front façades the house is encircled by a promenade balcony with a decorated railing. The inscription of the year 1755, preserved on the ceiling of the lower house, marks the time of a thorough renovation in the Baroque period.

Rare late Gothic chiselled stone details reveal that the origin of the house was in the 16th century. The house was designed as a two-storey building partly built of stone, with an elongated floor plan covered with a saddle roof with cement rhombus tiles. Throughout the centuries, objects and furnishings accumulated in the corners of the house that bear witness about the life of many generations, their likes and hobbies, small skills and conformations. Despite their museum value the objects are still useable.  Nace House is the best-preserved country building in the Škofja Loka area and in the Ljubljana hinterland. The Polenec family added soul to it with refined additional fittings belonging to such a house, such as originally designed chairs by Domen Slana.

The family opens the house and the orchard, which spreads to the Poljanščica, to be viewed by visitors by prior arrangement, and will even organise a snack for them.

Special features:
Groups booked by prior arrangement are served meals from the “black kitchen” (minced lard, kranjske sausages, goulash, barley stew, jota . . .) 

Natalija Polenec 

guided tour
GPS Northing (N) : 46,1596 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,3101 
Administrator : Razvojna agencija Sora d.o.o. | ++386 4 517 06 00 | | last modified: 07/11/2012
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GPS N: 46,1596
E: 14,3101
Place: Puštal

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