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Ljubljana, Seminary and Seminary Library

Dolničarjeva 4 1000 Ljubljana
++386 1 300 19 00
Between the Ljublajna Cathedral and the rows of the market stands an extensive palace, though boring at the first glance; three storeys in the direction of the river and two storeys by the main entrance. The main façade has eleven axis. The stout building with an open yard in the middle is accentuated with projections on the north and west sides. It was designed by the builder Carlo Martinuzzi in the first decade of the 18th century. The additionally built Peer wing by the Ljubljanica was done by the builder Candido Zulliani in 1758. The building would have remained an average one if it had not been decorated with the famous Mislej's  portal (1714). The portal is comprised of two stone Herculeses (Gibraltar as the end of the known world), who support the capitals with the lintel and the inscription Virtuti et Musis (to the Virtuous and Artistic) in a special cartouche. In between are symbolic reliefs. The portal originated in the workshop of the stonemason Luk Mislej. The sculptures were chiselled by Angelo Putti.

The greatest treasure is the Baroque Seminary Library on the first floor. The area of the library was built independently in 1710. The two-storey area waited to be furnished and painted until 1725. The illusionist frescos of the vault of the library were painted by Giulio Quaglio (1721), along with his son Raffael. Around the allegory of Theology, symbols connecting Antiquity and the teachings of Christianity are gathered. In the oak bookcases made by the carpenter Josip Wer(gant) in 1725, books have been arranged along the walls according to the original system. In the middle of the room there are benches, a large table and a couple of globes. The Seminary Library is the oldest public scientific library in Slovenia. There has been a librarian employed in it since 1742.

The Seminary Library is comprised of different collections, among them the "old" library, protected as a cultural monument. Other collections are: the "spiritual" library with theology books and magazines, the "Cyril" library or the "Library of Slovenian theologians " with non-theology books and magazines and the collection of the Slovenian religious press. Each section has its own alphabetic catalogue, but there is no subject catalogue. There are 7000 books in the older collection of the library, among them 22 incunabula (books printed before 1501), 377 Latin, German and Slovenian manuscripts and a special collection of opera librettos. The famous little Latin Bible from the 13th century is called Hren's Bible. Among the Baroque manuscripts is a precious collection of documents of the Ljubljana historian Janez Gregor Dolničar.

The ground floor (basement) was remade into a covered market. The library can be visited by announcing your arrival in advance.


GPS Northing (N) : 46,0512 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,5086 
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