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Famous people of Prlekija

Ph.D Franc Miklošič was born on 20th November 1813 in Radomerščak pri Ljutomeru. He went to primary school in Ljutomer and to Grammar school in Varaždin and Maribor. In Graz he studied philosophy and law. He got his doctorate in philosophy and later he was lecturing it. In 1844 he started work as a librarian at the court library in Vienna. After the death of Jernej Kopitar he censored Slavonic, Romanian and Modern Greek books. In 1848 he went into political life for a year and became the president of the Vienna Slovenian Association, co-author of the programme United Slovenia and an MP in Austrian parliament. In 1849 he was appointed the first professor at the newly founded Chair for Slavonic philology of the Vienna University. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Arts in Vienna for three years; in 1854 he was Chancellor of the University of Vienna. In 1864 he was given hereditary nobility for his work and merits. The borough council of Ljutomer made him honorary citizen of Ljutomer. He left 180 bibliographic article titles, papers and publications. Many of his works are spadework, but because of the scientific approach they are still topical. He was writing Primerjalna slovnica slovanskih jezikov (Comparative Grammar of Slavonic languages) for three decades and presented phonetics, morphology, word formation and syntax. He laid the foundation for Slavonic onomastics and was dedicated to etymology. He was a translator, author of practical texts for school and he was famous as a belletrist. Extensive correspondence proves that he was highly esteemed for his scientific work. Karol Grossman was born in Drakovci pri Mali Nedelji. He was the first Slovenian amateurish filmmaker. In 1904 he made the first Slovenian film record in Ljutomer, the heart of Prlekija. A projection of two of his films is available at the Museum in Ljutomer. Slavko Osterc was born in Veržej. He was a composer and music pedagogue. It is largely owing to him and his strong impact on the radical modernistic oriented young generation of Slovenian composers, that Slovenian music creativeness modernized. He wrote three symphonies, three operas, three one-act-plays, the ballet Iluzije, cantata Krst pri Savici and other orchestral works and chamber music. Ante Trtenjak was born in Slamnjak. He was a painter and an illustrator. He concentrated to aquarelle. The watercolourist has the opportunity to show all the visual joyfulness of colours and to suggest their wetness and freshness. His oils do not fall much behind, they were mostly made, after they had been painted in watercolours. He used almost all painting techniques and his works remain unique. Ph. D Anton Trstenjak was a theologian and psychologist at the Faculty of Theology. He was Miklošič’s schoolmate and besides Prešeren the most well known poet of the Slovenian Romantics. His poems are freethinking and pugnacious but they are also mood poems and love poems. He wrote sonnets, ballads, epigrams and satire in literary language considering East Styrian dialect. He is thought to be the first systematic and scientific record taker of Slovenian folk songs. He was a translator, editor and story writer. The idea and dedication to Illiric movement separated him from the circle around Prešeren. Henrik Schreiner was born in 1850 in Ljutomer. He was a teacher and an expert who started a total renovation of education with numerous expert approaches and innovations. He aimed of a labouring school, of higher educated teachers and of better working conditions. He wrote many articles and papers and reviewed more than 50 pedagogic and natural science works.  

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