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Cerkno Laufarija

Bevkova ulica 14 5282 Cerkno
A strong element of local identity of the municipality and its inhabitants are »Laufarji«, one of the most recognizable traditional carnival groups in Slovenia. They are noted for masks carved from linden wood, and clothes of natural material (ivy, spruce, straw, moss, material remaining after linen weaving). The "Cerkno Laufarija" has been carried out for centuries according to unwritten rules passed on to the next generation by word of mouth. The central "Laufar" figure is "Pust", dressed in clothes covered with moss, holding a young spruce tree. He is accompanied by the other figures called "ta bršljanasti", "ta tirjesta", "ta star", "ta stara", "lamant", etc. Only "Ta star" ("The Old One") can speak, all the rest have to be silent. There are 25 of them in total and their scenario provides the most dramatically complete plot of all Slovene festival masks. "Pust" is at the Cerkno square blamed by everybody for all bad that has happened in the past year and is in the end sentenced to death, to be killed by a woodman's hammer - mallet. Every year carnival events attract numerous visitors. Since November 2010 Laufarija Cerkno has entered in the Slovenian register of living cultural heritage. 

Bevkova ulica 14 
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