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Base 20

Dolenjske Toplice
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Kočevski Rog is one of the largest forested areas between Bela Krajina and Kočevje. Above Dolenjske Toplice amid the karst sinkholes and densely planted young spruce trees, several partisan hospitals, print shops and workshops were hidden. An especially solitary position was selected for the residence of the leadership of the partisan movement. The settlement of barracks was called Baza 20. With the exception of their stay for a few days at Soteska Castle in September 1943, the military leadership remained at Baza until 19th December 1944, when it moved to Črnomelj. From the year 1943, the military command organised its independent headquarters in the vicinity of Baza 21.

The first barracks were constructed in April 1943. A part of the liberation movement moved there when they returned from the Polhov Gradec Hills. With the expansion of the leadership the base grew as well, and in summer 1944 there were 26 barracks. Partisan commanders, the leadership of the Liberation Front, leaders of the Communist Party and other functionaries, and temporarily even the members of Anti-fascist Council of the National Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ). The barracks carried the numbers or were named after their important occupants. The buildings are of different sizes, with the larger ones being older.

Individual buildings fell into disrepair after the liberation. Major renovations started from the 1950's onward. The most thorough was that around the year 1990. The majority of barracks still have original or replicated equipment from the war period.  In several buildings, exhibitions about people who lived and worked on the base and about the conditions of their stay there were organised. The exhibition installation was designed by the architect Grobovšek. During the last major renovation, the access road was widened and a large parking lot was built very near the base. Some interesting architecture of Oton Jugovec was placed by the parking lot. In the large wooden building there is supposed to be a restaurant for visitors but the building is not well frequented.

By the parking lot stands Luke's Home (Lukov Dom), where a keeper is on duty in the summer season. For visits, contact the Dolenjska Museum (Dolenjski muzej).


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