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100 Frankolovo victims museum- The Frankolovo crime

Stranice 3206 Stranice
++386 3 759 04 70
The "100 Frankolovo Victims" Museum was established in honour of an event from World War II, when 100 Slovenian patriots were hung in Graben na Stranicah. The cruel crime against Slovenian patriots, committed on February 12th 1945 in Graben na Stranicah, is considered to be one of the worst Nazi crimes of World War II. The hanging was executed to avenge the death of a prominent Nazi functionary Anton Dorfmeister, who was killed in a partisan ambush in the Tesno gorge on February 2nd 1945. In return for his life, the Nazis brought 100 hostages from the prisons in Maribor, Celje, and Trbovlje to the prison "Stari pisker" in Celje, where they hung them from the apple trees lining the road, and buried them in two mass graves. To mark the 60th anniversary of this crime, the "100 Frankolovo Victims" Memorial Society from Stranice established a permanent collection in the museum house next to the graves. In 2006, the author of the collection, MSc Tone Kregar, received the Valvasor Award for compiling this collection. 

LTO Rogla-Zreče 
Cesta na Roglo 11j 
Tel. : ++386 3 759 04 70 

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