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Around Mt. Kanin - K16

This very demanding biking tour is a loop through numerous Alpine valleys on both sides of Kanin: Slovenian and Italian.

The one-day tour across three mountain passes presents a challenge even for well-prepared bikers.
Those who are not sure if they can complete the entire tour in one day can master this loop in stages.

The tour starts in Bovec and continues via the main road toward the town of Kobarid.
After 8 km, the main Bovec - Kobarid road is left and a right turn is made for Učja (Uccea).
There is then a rather long climb to the Učja border crossing (on the Slovenian side) and then a short descent to the Italian side of the crossing.
Soon after the border crossing (on the Italian side), a right turn is made to the village of Učja (Uccea), and the tour continues via a narrow asphalt road along a level shady slope to Krnica (Sella Carnizza1092 m).
Next is a very steep descent to the valley of Rezija (Val Resia).
As soon as the road in the valley of Rezija (Val Resia) is reached, a left turn toward the village of Na Bili (Resiutta) is made, and then the tour continues up to the main Videm - Trbiž (Udine - Tarvisio) road.
Here a right turn is made for Trbiž (Tarvisio), and then the tour continues via the valley of the river Bela (Rio Fella) up to the village of Kluže (Chiusaforte).
In the village of Kluže (Chiusaforte), the main road is left by making a right turn across the bridge over the river Bela (Rio Fella), and the tour continues via the valley of Reklanska dolina (Val Raccolana) in the direction of V Žlebeh (Sella Nevea).
After the initial flat section, the road ascends steeply at the end of the valley; after a couple of serpentines, first the aforementioned village is reached and then the saddle called V Žlebeh (Sella Nevea1190 m).
Next is a descent via the valley of Jezerska dolina (Val Rio del Lago) past the lake called Rabeljsko jezero (Lago del Predil) to the intersection for Trbiž (Tarvisio) and Predel (Passo di Predil).
At the intersection, a right turn is made, and after a short ascent, the border crossing at the Predel Pass (1156 m) is reached.
A long descent is then made past the village of Log pod Mangrtom to the starting point in Bovec.

If this circular tour is done in stages, one can try some additional biking tours, such as:
- a climb to the Božca Pasture from the Slovenian side of the Učja border crossing;
- biking to the end of the valley of Rezija (Val Resia);
- an ascent to the pastures under Špik nad Policami (Jof di Montasio) from V Žlebeh (Sella Nevea);
- a climb to the Mangrt Saddle from near the Predel Pass.





Length of tour : 96 km
Duration of tour : 12 h


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