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Drava Cycling Route (DKP)

Maribor, 2000 Maribor
Drava Cycling Route, which bears the international code R1, is according to its natural beauty and cultural diversity one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Europe. As you enjoy the pleasures and exertion of cycling let the river Drava accompany you. It can be followed most of the way from its source in Italy, through Austrian Carinthia to Slovenia.
In Slovenia the route will lead you through Dravograd, Maribor, Ptuj and all the way to the Slovenian-Croatian border in Ormož.

The trail follows set cycling routes and less busy local roads. Because of the different types of road surfaces and a demanding ascent the Slovenian route is suitable for skilled and better prepared cyclists, it is recommended to use trekking or mountain bikes.

An adventure that is worth experiencing on the river Drava is traditional rafting - from three landing stages lead navigable ways for the rafts, which are designed for tourist trips along the river.


moderately demanding 



Length of tour : 129 km

Dravograd lake, Forest reserve Bukovje, Old town core (square Trg 4. julija), Church of St Vid in the square Trg 4. julija, Pukštajn castle, Bukovje castle;

Vuzenica: Unspoilt nature on Pohorje, Church of St Nicholas (altar and frescoes), Church of Virgin Mary on Kamen, Church of St John the Baptist in Šentjanž nad Drvčami, Church of St Vid, Anton Martin Slomšek memorial room, Poberska smoke room; Lovrenc na Pohorju: Lovrence high moor and Beekeeper’s learning trail, Church of St Ann on Oslica hill (Puščava), Church of St Mary, Church of the Holy Crucifix, Church of St Laurence, Open-air museum (beekeeping);

Ruše: Šumik primeval forest and waterfalls, Lobnica gorge, Forest learning trail Uršankovo, Jurše Yew tree, Cebej Fir tree, Švajger Linden tree, Church of St Mary,
Church of St Mary (Smolnik), Museum of Modern History;

Maribor: City park with three ponds, Pohorje - a natural park, Kozjak, Drava regional park, Maribor lake, Maribor island, Park at Betnava mansion, Old Vine in Lent, Maribor castle, Cathedral in the square Slomškov trg, Franciscan church, Betnava mansion, Rotovž square, Synagogue, Old town core (Lent, city wall), Aloysius church, Villa Rustica (excavations);

Ptuj: Ptuj lake, Manor Park, Dornava, Turnišče lake, Ptuj castle with museum, Old town core, Minorite monastery, Mitrea (Roman excavations), Provost Church.
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Starting point: Hotel Hesper in Dravograd
Route: Vič - Dravograd - Vuzenica - Vuhred - Podvelka - Lovrenc na Pohorju - Ruše - Maribor - Sp. Duplek - Ptuj


Zavod za turizem Maribor - Pohorje 
Partizanska cesta 47 
Tel. : ++386 2 234 66 11 
Fax : ++386 2 234 66 13 
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GPS Northing (N) : 46,5567 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,643 
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Dravska kolesarska pot v Sloveniji


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Pohodništvo in kolesarjenje Osrednja Štajerska - jug


Drava Cycle Trail in Slovenia


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Hiking und Biking Slowenische Steiermark - Süd


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Administrator : Zavod za turizem Maribor - Pohorje | ++386 2 234 66 11 |
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