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Bicike(LJ) self-service bicycle hire scheme

The Bicike(LJ) bicycle hire network consists of 30 docking stations located within the greater Ljubljana city centre area.

300 bicycles are available for hire from the docking stations. As the Bicike(LJ) scheme is mainly intended for short journeys, the first hour is free and after five minutes from returning a hired bicycle, a new one can be hired.

The docking stations are equipped with terminals providing information on the availability of bicycles for hire and locations of docking stations. 

The use of the Bicike(LJ) bicycle hire scheme

Weekly use

The weekly use of the Bicike(LJ) bicycle hire scheme, targeted mainly at visitors to Ljubljana, is available upon registration on the Bicike(LJ) website.

The registration process requires you to enter your email address and credit card number. When your registration is completed, you receive a nine-digit code required to access the Bicike(LJ) system and a four-digit personal PIN code to be entered when hiring a bicycle.

The weekly registration fee is €1.00.

Yearly use (mainly for the local residents)

The yearly use of the Bicike(LJ) bicycle hire scheme is available upon registration on the Bicike(LJ) website or by post. Bicycles can be hired using the Urbana city pass. For detailed information on the yearly use of the scheme, visit the Bicike(LJ) website.

The yearly registration fee is €3.00.

Hire prices

First hour: free
Second hour: €1.00
Third hour: €2.00
Each additional hour: €4.00 
The maximum bicycle hire period is 24 hours. 
Place: Ljubljana
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Administrator : Turizem Ljubljana | ++386 1 306 45 75 | |
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