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Tičarjev dom na Vršiču mountain hut

Trenta 85, 5232 Soča
++386 4 586 60 70, ++386 51 634 571
++386 4 586 60 71

Mountain hur keeper : Benjamin Arnež 
Altitude : 1620 m

Open for guests

The mountain hut is open from the beginning of May or June until the end of October.
No. of beds : 36 
Dormitory beds : 55 
Seating inside : 60 
The mountain hut is located on the Trenta side of the peak of Vršič and close above the Vršič Pass across which leads the road Kranjska Gora-Trenta-Bovec.
In two restaurant areas there are 60 seats, a bar counter; shop with souvenirs and postcards; there are 9 rooms with 36 beds, 55 communal beds; toilets, washing rooms and showers with warm and cold water in basement and on the floors; the restaurant areas are heated by the farmhouse stove; running water, electricity, telephone.

The view

From the hut there is a wide view only towards the south. On the east side behind the south slope of Vršič and Sovna one can see the walls of Prisojnik; on the south side one can see the road which descends towards the Trenta Valley and a part of Velika planina and behind them, above Zadnja Trenta, the chain of peaks with Srebrnjak can be seen.

Access Car, bus:

to the Vršič Pass along the regional asphalt road from Kranjska Gora 12km, and from Bovec through Trenta 33km; from the pass to the hut 3 minutes. The BS Vršič, Kranjska Gora: The BS on Vršič is near the hut; from Kranjska Gora along the road and shortcuts 3h.

Interesting tours

Vršič (1737 m) 20 minutes; Prisojnik (2547 m) across the south side 4h, past Prednje okno 4h, along the path of Kopiščarjeva pot through Prednje okno 4h; Razor (2601 m) across the south slopes of Prisojnik 6h; Mala Mojstrovka (2332 m) across the south slopes 2h, across the north wall 2h30; Sleme (1911 m) 1h30; Jalovec (2645 m) along the SPP (Slovenian Alpine Trail) 7h; the source of the Soča River in the Trenta Valley 2h.

Access to other mountain huts:

Poštarski dom na Vršiču mountain hut (1688m) 15 minutes;Erjavčeva koča na Vršiču mountain hut (1525m) 15 minutes; Koča na Gozdu mountain hut (1226m) 1h; Mihov dom na Vršiču mountain hut (1085m) 1h 30; Koča v Krnici mountain hut (1113m)2h 15; Pogačnikov dom na Križkih podih mountain hut (2050m) across the south slopes of Prisojnik, across the west walls of Razor and the small saddle Preval 6 to 7h; Zavetišče pod Špičkom shelter (2064m) along the SPP 4h;Koča pri izviru Soče mountain hut (886m) across Velika planina and Strma frata 1h45; Dom v Tamarju mountain hut (1108m) across Sleme 3h15.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,433 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,7442 

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European Youth Card:
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Administrator : LTO Kranjska Gora | ++386 4 588 50 20 |
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