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RTC Trije kralji Štuhčev dom mountain hut

++386 2 803 45 06

Mountain hur keeper : Božidar Juhart, Jakec s.p. 
Altitude : 1181 m

Open for guests

No. of beds : 120 
Seating inside : 110 
In the facilities there are 25 rooms, 120 beds, 110 seats, a summer garden mini casino, sauna and a recreation room.
The view
from the hut and from the slope of Veliki vrh there is a beautiful view from the north to the south. On the east there are the slopes of Bistrica Pohorje towards the Drava Plain (Dravsko polje), behind which rise the Slovenske gorice Hills on the north and Haloze on the south; towards the southeast there are Boč, Donačka gora in Macelj, and behind them the hills of Croatian Zagorje; on the south one can see the southeast slopes of the Pohorje Massif above the Drava Valley and Konjiška gora; the view to the west is hindered by a nearby Veliki vrh; on the north there are vast woods towards the main ridge of the Pohorje Massif in the direction of Žigartov vrh and to the east there are the slopes of Slivnica and Hoče Pohorje.
Access Car:
from the hut along the local roads from Slovenska Bistrica across Tinje 17 km, or across Šmartno na Pohorju 23km, from Hoče past Areh 30km. The BS Veliko Tinje, Šmartno na Pohorju, Slovenska Bistrica, Oplotnica and Areh: from Veliko Tinje past Rep and Škrinjar 1h30; from Šmartno na Pohorju past Močnik 2h15; from Slovenska Bistrica across Tinje 3h30; from Slovenska Bistrica along the stream Bistrica past Vintgar and Močnik 4h; from Oplotnica through Kebelj 2h30; from Areh past the hut Tinčeva bajta and through Kurja vas 2h30.
Interesting tours
Veliki vrh (1344 m) 30 minutes; Črno jezero (1197 m) 1h; the battlefield of the Pohorje Battalion (Pohorski Bataljon) on Osankarica 1h30; Partisan hospital Jesen 1h; Žigartov vrh (1346 m) 2h.
Access to other huts
Dom na Osankarici (1193 m) past Črno jezero Lake1h15; Ruška koča pri Arehu (1246m) 2h30.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,4371 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,4603 
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Administrator : Občina Oplotnica | ++386 2 845 09 03 |
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