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Gomiščkovo zavetišče na Krnu mountain shelter

Nova Gorica
++386 51 611 363, ++386 5 302 30 30

Altitude : 2182 m

Open for guests

The hut is open from the beginning of June until the end of September.
Dormitory beds : 50 
Seating inside : 30 
The shelter is located on the south slope of Krn close above the peak which is 2244m high.
In the restaurant there are 30 seats, and outside 20 seats; 50 communal beds; the restaurant area is heated by the stove; toilet and washing room with cold water, rainwater, electricity, mobile phone.
The view
From Krn there is a view on all sides. On the east one can see the Karavanke with Stol, the peaks of the Kamnik Alps, Ratitovec, Črna prst, Rodica, Porezen and Kojca, nearby Mahavšček, Šmohor and Tolminski Kuk and above Krn lies Batognica and Vrh nad Pesk, there is a beautiful view on the Krn Lake (Krnsko jezero); and especially beautiful is the view on the south slopes of Krn with the villages Krn, Vrsno and Drežnica and on the Alpine meadows, on the Soča Valley with Tolmin and Kobarid and on Skalnica, Sabotin, Kolovrat and Matajur above the valley, on Snežnik, Javorniki, Nanos, Golaki, Slavnik, Banjšice and the lowland of Friuli Plain (Furlanska nižina) to Gradež by the Adriatic Sea; on the west side there are the nearby Stol and Kanin, and in the background the peaks of the Dolomites; on the northwest one can see Rombon in the vicinity and behind it Montaž and Viš, and on the horizon the Liens Dolomites and Visoke Ture with Grossglockner; on the north there are Mangrt, Jalovec, Mojstrovka, Prisojnik, Razor, Škrlatica, Triglav and Tosc, in front of them are Bavški Grintavec, Kanjavec in Tičarica.
Access Car:
the local road from Kobarid through Vrsna and the village Krn (asphalt to there) to the Kuhinja alpine pasture 13km, from where it takes 3h30 to the hut. The BS Kamno, Kobarid, Tolmin and Soča: from the BS Kamno between Tolmin and Kobarid through the villages of Vrsno and Krn and past Koča na planini Kuhinja mountain hut 6h; from Kobarid through Drežnica and along the east trail across Kožljak 6 do 7h; from Kobarid through Drežnica and along the west Drežnica direction 6h; from Tolmin through Zatolmin, across Mrzli vrh, the alpine pastures Pretovč and Sleme, across the pass Prag and Krnska škrbina 9h; from Soča through Lepena and past Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih mountain hut 6h30. Convenient accesss from the direction of Ljubljana and from the Carniola derection across Komna and past Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih mountain hut.
Interesting tours
Due to long distances Krn is convenient as an individual ascent or as an intermediate stop on the march along the Slovenian Alpine Trail - SPP (intermediate stop of the march along the SPP) or several days' excursion across the Julian Alps.
Access to other mountain huts 
Koča na planini Kuhinja mountain hut (991m) 3h; Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih mountain hut (1385m)2h30; Koča na planini Razor mountain hut (1315m) along the SPP 8h.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,2654 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,6571 
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