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Češka koča na Spodnjih Ravneh mountain hut

Zgornje Jezersko 153 4206 Zgornje Jezersko
+386 40 206057 (Karmen)

Special features

Altitude : 1542 m

Open for guests

The mountain hut is open from the middle of June until the end of September, in May and October on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
No. of beds : 40 
Dormitory beds : 30 
No. of beds in winter : 6 

Activities in the area


Seating inside : 70 

Food offer
home-made slovene dishes 


in the mountains 

Payment options
cash only 

Languages spoken
Slovene, English, German, Croatian 

The mountain hut is located on the oval basin Spodnja Raven below the north walls of Grintovec at the edge of the slope above the Ravenska Kočna Valley.
In the restaurant area there are 70 seats, a bar counter; there are 6 rooms with 40 beds, 30 communal beds, winter room with 6 beds; toilets and a washing room with cold water; there is the farmhouse stove in the restaurant area; running water, electricity, mobile phone; transport cable car, helicopter runway. Since 21st September 2003 the hut Češka koča has a small cleaning device for the wastewater.
The view
On the east side above the Ravenska Kočna Valley rises the ridge Koroške Babe, on its right are the walls of Križ (Koroška Rinka), in front of it is the vast Ledina; on the south there are the nearby steep slopes of Dolgi hrbet, which connect with the walls of Grintovec through the saddle Mlinarsko sedlo; on the west are the north walls of Kočna, which descend to the valley of Makekova Kočna; the view towards the north is different: bellow there is the glacier valley Ravenska Kočna with Zgornje Jezersko, above which rise the woody summits of the Karavanke with the pass and the border crossing Jezerski vrh.
Access Car:
the forest road from Zgornje Jezersko across the valley of Ravenska Kočna to the lower station of the transport cable car 6km, from there to the hut 1h15. The BS Zgornje Jezersko: from the BS at Kazina along the SPP (Slovenian Alpine Trail) 2h, from the BS at Planšarsko jezero Lake across the valley of Ravenska Kočna and across the alpine pasture Štularjeva planina 2h30.
Interesting tours:
Kočna (2540 m) along the path Kremžarjeva pot 3h30; Grintovec (2558 m) across the saddle Mlinarsko sedlo (2334 m) 3h; Skuta (2532 m) across the saddle Mlinarsko sedlo and across or below the ridge of Dolgi hrbet 4h; Vrata (1802) 30 minutes
GPS Northing (N) : 46,368 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,5357 

Zgornje Jezersko

Place: Zgornje Jezersko
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