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Ribnica na Pohorju: Ribnica lake

Ribnica na Pohorju
At the top of Plešivec there was a quiet shimmering lake. In the lake lived a friendly aquatic man called Jezernik, who liked to help the people in those parts. When the church of St. Ursula was built by the lake, the ringing of the bells disturbed his peace. Farmer Plešivčnik observed his oxen in the barn each morning and noticed that they were always tired and wet from work. After about a week he found a bag of gold coins in the hayrack, and the following day his oxen were rested. After the Sunday mass the men were talking about how there was no longer a lake at the top of Uršlja gora, but that a new lake had formed at the top of Pohorje. It was immediately obvious to farmer Plešivčnik that Jezernik had been carting the water to the new lake with his oxen! No one ever saw Jezernik again, but there are some signs that he still lives in the lake. Once an American tourist named John, got undressed, jumped into Ribnica Lake and disappeared. On the day that they were holding a mass for his soul in Ribnica, postman Tony delivered a telegram, which read: ''Swum to America. Stop. Send clothes. Stop. John the American.'' It was immediately clear that Jezernik had saved him. It is a known fact that Jezernik did not like black cats. Sometimes, during a long and sever drought the locals would throw a black cat into the lake; then Jezernik would always become angry and in an instant conjure up a fierce storm so that the men would return to Ribnica soaked.

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