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Lake Palčje

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Lake Palčje is the biggest lake of the River Pivka. It is located north from the village of Palčje, in a 2.5km long and 0.5km wide karst hollow and has a levelled and deposited bottom. Lake Palčje filling and draining patterns change every year. Similarly to other intermittent lakes, Lake Palčje’s existence depends on the quantity and annual allocation of rainwater, though the lake is usually full at least nine months during the year. The bottom of the dry Lake Palčje is covered with pastures and willows. The willows are an important nesting ground for many bird species, especially Warblers, Red-backed Shrikes, and Corn Buntings. Nests of these birds in Lake Palčje are more common than anywhere else in Slovenia. Approximately half of all nesting birds in the Pivka basin have been classified in the Red List of endangered species of Slovenia. Among them is the Corn Crake, which is globally endangered due to the constant reduction of wet pastures. The fact that over half of all Slovenian butterflies can be found around the Pivka Lakes is a testament to its exquisite biotic diversity. It has been recorded that the grasslands of Lake Palčje are the home of as many as 70 species, while 88 butterfly species inhabit all of the lakes. When the lakes drain in spring, the lake bottom is covered in colourful carpets.

Green Karst 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,6862 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,2608 
Administrator : RDO Postojnska jama - Zeleni Kras | ++386 5 71 12 249 | | last modified: 28/11/2013
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GPS N: 45,6862
E: 14,2608
Destination: Karst
Place: Palčje

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