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The magic of the Karst

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Organizer : Liberty Slovenia

Address: Robbova 2 1000 Ljubljana
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The Karst region is famous for three features - teran wine, pršut ham and the burja north wind – but it is much more than that. You can experience amazing things just walking through the mysterious subterranean world of countless karstic caves, you can get close to nature and the cultural heritage strolling in the open countryside, past sinkholes, abandoned ponds and wind-bent trees, and along the way side tracks through the fields will lead you to villages, old stone houses and the people that live there, who since they were ancient communities have been crafting and shaping life in this part of the world. Visiting the Karst is an experience in any season; but it is in autumn that the region’s plateau is at its finest, lit up with the fiery red of smoketree or sumac and the gaudy leaves of the grapevines, which lend a special magic to the landscape.

In the Karst we offer a fascinating look at the region’s special features, enjoyment of unspoilt nature, relaxation and recharging your spirit as well as unique and diverse tourist services. Tired from travelling and full of experiences, you can finish up your journey in a delightful inn, tourist farm or wine shop or osmica, where the hospitable locals will spoil you with a range of tasty home-made dishes and a glass or two of agreeable Karst teran and other wines produced on the karstic land.

Experience the Karst in the Karst way, Pliskovica Youth Hostel – silver Sejalec 2006, Team building programme in Postojna Cave - finalist 2007, Kingdom of Gaia in Postojna Cave - Liberty incentives & congresses Slovenia – bronze Sejalec 2009  


PRICE: EUR 165/person includes: 3x half board (breakfast, dinner) in the Pliskovica Youth Hostel, Stonemason workshop at Štanjel, Wine tasting at the Čotar cellar, Admission to Postojna Cave and Vivarium

PRICE for children: EUR 139/person includes: 3x half board (breakfast, dinner) in the Pliskovica Youth Hostel,
Stonemason workshop at Štanjel, Admission to Postojna Cave and Vivarium

Day 1 – Arrival at Pliskovica
Arrival at the Pliskovica Youth Hostel and dinner.
The Pliskovica Youth Hostel occupies a renovated Karst homestead, comprising a main house, barn and large enclosed courtyard. The homestead is protected as a cultural monument and as such offers accommodation with the romantic flavour of the Karst landscape. The house features a kitchen, small dining room and laundry, with rooms on the first floor and attic. The building has two bathrooms. Along with the house is the old barn, which houses a multipurpose hall, two bathrooms and two rooms with 20 beds upstairs.

Day 2 – Cycling trip in the surrounding area or Pliskovica Interpretive Trail
Heading off on the cycling trails around the Karst.
From Pliskovica we head towards Komen, where a slightly more up and down route begins, and the regional road and macadam road lead to Tomačevica. The macadam road starts at the end of the village of Divči and leads towards the pilgrimage Church of the Virgin Mary at Oberšljan, and from there towards Tomačevica. Here in the middle of the village (by the church sign) we turn left towards the village of Mali Dol. The route from Mali Dol joins the regional Komen-Branik road at Dovci, where we take the macadam road and start climbing gently to the top of Grižnik hill. From Grižnik the route leads past the Golec viewing point, which offers a fine view of the Karst, and in good weather all the way to the sea and to the high-lying village of Lukovec. From there we continue along the wide macadam road, from which below the village a narrow macadam road turns off towards Kobjeglava. »Then at Kobjeglava by the church sign we cross the regional Komen - Štanjel road and again ride along a macadam road that leads past Kosovlje to Pliskovica or to Skopo.

Pliska Interpretive Trail
Pliska Interpretive Trail is a karstic trail that loops around the plateau area in the heart of the Karst, between Pliskovica and Kosovelje. The start is at Pliskovica. For six kilometres the route runs along an unremarkable series of ups and downs through what was once cultivated land, which is now increasingly overgrown. Along the trail we can discover how nature shapes the appearance of the Karst landscape and how humans have added to this. »The trail is intended not just for getting to know the past and present, but also offers a pleasant two or more hours walk along wagon trails and paths between long stone walls.

Day 3 – Visit to a stonemason workshop at Štanjel and the Čotar wine makers.
Stonemason workshop at Štanjel
In premises where once stood the Vale barn, by a famous Karst house, the song of stone is heard again and again. And again and again people come away from the workshop richer for new knowledge, for new experiences and for a fine stone product. Participants at the workshop receive a stone to work with, all the necessary tools and protective gear, and most importantly, guidance from an experienced mason.

Čotar wine cellar
In the beautiful Karst village of Gorjansko near Komen, just 5 km from the sea, stands the Čotar wine cellar. Here the family produces outstanding wines, with their teran and malvasia being especially popular. Čotar wines are an extraordinary expression of the senses of the vintner’s hands, which work ceaselessly to ensure quality. They cultivate their vines in the most nature-friendly way possible, and are orienting their cultivation towards organic farming. The cellar is cut into the living rock, so from the grape to the bottle, the wine gradually moves from floor to floor deeper into the cellar.
Its distinctive colour makes teran look at first rough, but when you taste it, there is a pervasive strength and gentleness given to the wine by its acidity. It is an excellent accompaniment to Karst pršut ham, which is dried in the local burja north wind. The wine is also used in a number of very tasty dishes, such as roast pork in teran sauce, bleki pasta squares, gnocchi or rabbit in cep mushroom sauce.

Day 4 – Visit to Postojna Cave and tour of Vivarium.
Admission to the cave and a tour and surprising look at the Vivarium in the Gallery of Signatures, inhabited by some of the underground creatures of Postojna Cave, where special attention is focused on the most famous of them all, the olm salamander (Proteus anguinus). This part of the cave also houses a speleobiological laboratory for scientific research. 
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