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Castel Sevnica

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Find energy and taste the Blue Franconian

In eastern Slovenia, there is a special area. This area has countless rolling hills, where for centuries grapevines have yielded grapes for the best Cviček wine in Slovenia. And there, in this idyllic landscape, one of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia reigns. Sevnica Castle, with its commanding appearance of an irregular square with a tower at each corner, invites you to take a walk through the past 900 years of local history. But it promises much more Have a peek inside and you will be surprised how alive and full of energy it will leave you.


Castles all over the world record the history of their land. So does Sevnica Castle. This fortress is a record of history in all of its diversity and colourfulness, but it also lives a diverse existence in the present. There isn’t a moment when the castle does not offer you something exceptional, whether it’s a simple guided tour of its chambers, legends, and anecdotes, a romantic evening with classical music, wide-ranging cuisine, a rich wine cellar, or a playful experience for children with the still sleeping lord of the castle. It will even offer you something more – something that you will be able to take with you forever.


Through history with a guide

The charming Baroque and Renaissance interior tells countless tales. The residential wing allows you to explore the life of the last baron, and the lavish second floor will take you to the neo-Renaissance period. It is decorated by wonderful neo-Renaissance furnishings: 19th century panelling, locks, and tapestries that remain so evocative today it seems as though they were made only yesterday.

A special part of the castle area is the Lutheran Cellar where Jurij Dalmatin, who was the first to translate the entire Bible into Slovenian and thus significantly affect the development of Slovenian literary language, disseminated the teachings of Luther. A special feature of the cellar is a fresco made with a special technique that enables the colours and painting effects to be especially vibrant. This is a truly exceptional and very rare example of this technique in Slovenia.

In the tomb, which is also in the cellar, the embalmed bodies of the husband of the last countess and their daughter are buried. Beware – the coffin of the husband has a little window in its top part, so you can still see his face today.


Relaxing and exciting energy – “to go”

Sevnica Castle is not only positioned in a good strategic location, on top of a hill with a small plateau above Sevnica, overlooking the longest river in Slovenia, the River Sava, but it is also in a very good location with regard to energy. The Castle Park has many energy points; nodes where the vital force of our Earth can be easily accessed, and where you can be filled with natural energy. The points in the park are marked, so you can find the energy that you most need in a certain moment.

The path on the hill will take you through a vineyard with 500 Blue Franconian grapevines. For centuries, there have been vineyards on all of the surrounding hills, and in certain places, they even form a grapevine amphitheatre. If you are a lover of good wine, that of Sevnica will most certainly impress you, maybe even to the extent that you will decide to be a godmother or a godfather to one of the castle grapevines. This will allow you to participate at annual grape pickings and receive many other benefits.


Do you take me? I do, forever!

Today, couples in love can promise each other eternal love and devotion at the castle. Weddings are a part of the castle’s every-day life, as are diverse cultural events, conventions, culinary experiences, a wine shop with a varied selection of local wines, tours of museum and art exhibitions, and romantic strolls in one of the most well-maintained castle parks in Slovenia. The mighty trees, park sculptures, energy points, and of course, a wonderful view of the valley will all take your breath away. Especially if you visit the castle in May. This is when gentians and azaleas are in bloom on hillsides as far as the eye can see. And the castle finds itself somewhere between the blueness of the sea and the yellow sun. Where else in the world can you experience anything like this?



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