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Štanjel, Castle

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On the viewing hill above the Branica Valley stands a condensed Mediterranean settlement. It was first mentioned in written records in the beginning of the 15th century. The village, built of stone and fortified with medieval walls, has the effect of a town.  The hill was settled in the Hallstatt period and in the period of Antiquity. Older preserved walls belong to the 12th century and the newer to the 16th century. The village is comprised of a joined series of houses placed between terraces and roads, on the sunny side of the slope. Open areas have been arranged into cisterns with wells. The rainwater used to be collected into them from roofs with the help of stone eaves troughs. The houses are made of stone, with wood being used only for roof constructions and for division of floors. Out of the original single-space houses, mainly houses with the living level above stable were developed. External communications replaced the internal. The Karst house (Kraška hiša) is especially exemplary, arranged as a small museum.  The dominant structures of the village are the Gothic church of St. Daniel, completed in Baroque style, and its bell tower, covered by a spire with a lemon-like ending.

The castle is an integral part of the settlement and the fortified edge of the village. The longitudinal building was arranged mainly from the 16th century onwards. Among the owners the Kobenclji and in the19th century, the Coronini, were frequently mentioned. Between the two wars the seat of the Štanjel municipality was in the castle. The mayor, architect Maks Fabiani, adapted the castle to those needs. In October 1944 it was burnt down. Since the 1950s they have been slowly renovating it according to plans by Nataša Suhadolc. One main wing has been arranged, but the other part is only a shell. On the ground floor of the castle building there is a viewing point, a smaller exhibition hall and a restaurant area, and in the upper areas there is the gallery of Lojze Spacal (Trieste, 15th June 1907 - Trieste, 6th May 2000). The artist of the karst world donated 120 of his works to the gallery in 1988. In front of the castle there is an arranged courtyard, which is often used as and open-air hall in the summer.


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