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Vignette 2014

LJUBLJANA, 15 April 2014 - The Easter and Labour Day holidays are approaching and here at DARS d.d. we want to remind local and foreign motorists that the use of a vignette is mandatory on Slovene motorways and expressways and that the 2014 vignette saw the introduction of a new toll-rate category (2B) for all vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes measuring more than 1.30 metres above the front axle. Regardless of their height above the front axle, all camping vehicles (motorhomes) still require the cheaper vignette (2A).

Experience has taught us that the sales of vignettes go up during the spring holidays, which is why we expect the number of motorway and expressway users, who are the first-time buyers of a short-term vignette, to increase this year as well.
There were a few novelties introduced before the start of this year’s vignette sales. The new toll-rate category 2B requires a more expensive vignette than the one needed for personal vehicles. Light commercial vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles fall into this category. Slovenia already had this category before the vignettes were introduced in 2008.

Users who were used to buying a vignette for personal vehicles in past years will now have to buy a different vignette.
A list of measured vehicles is posted on the DARS d.d. website. The list includes vehicles belonging to the toll-rate category 2B whose height above the front axle is difficult to determine as it is close to 1.30 metres.

An annual vignette for vehicles belonging to the new toll-rate category costs 220 EUR, a monthly vignette costs 80 EUR and a weekly vignette costs 40 EUR.

We recently reminded our contractors to be careful in providing accurate information to vignette buyers in light of these changes.
We offered them some assistance and sent additional information and promotional material to our authorised sales points.

By buying and using the appropriate vignettes, motorway and expressway users will avoid potential inconveniences and fines during the monitoring process carried out by toll officers.

We urge users to buy vignettes at official sales points, to attach the vignette according to the instructions on the back of the vignette and to keep the bottom part of the vignette (coupon or stub) and the receipt. Slovene vignettes are available at approximately 1,500 authorised sales points in Slovenia and around 1,000 outside of the country’s borders. They are all listed at

As the tourist season is approaching, it is worth reminding our users that a 2A vignette is required for personal vehicles with a trailer (including a caravan).
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Vignette 2014


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