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Legend of the Sunken Bell

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Information : Turizem Bled, Zavod za pospeševanje turizma

Address: Cesta svobode 11 4260 Bled
Phone: ++386 4 574 11 22
Fax: ++386 4 54 15 55
Event starts: 25.12.2014 17:00:00
Event ends: 25.12.2014
Place of event : Public Lido Grajsko kopališče 
Once upon a time there lived a young widow in the castle of Bled. Her husband was killed by robbers and his body was thrown into the lake. She was so inconsolable that she gathered all her gold and silver and cast a bell for the chapel on the island, in memory to her husband. But the bell didn’t arrive there. The bell, the boat and boatmen sank during a terrible storm. The desperate widow sold all her property after this accident. She offered the proceeds for the construction of a new church on the island. She left Bled and lived the rest of her life in Rome as a nun. After her death the Pope had heard of her misfortune and of her good deeds during her life as a nun, so in memory to her he decide to make a new bell. He said that anyone that rings the bell three times and believes in God, his or her wish would come true. Even today sometimes, on a dark night you can hear the sunken bell ringing from the depths of the lake. 
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Administrator : Bled - Turizem Bled - LTO | ++386 4 578 05 00 | | last modified: 06/06/2014

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