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A protected area is defined by the IUCN  as an area of land or sea which is specifically intended for the protection and conservation of biodiversity and the natural and associated cultural wealth, and the administration of which is governed by law or any other effective form of governance.

The subject of the call for proposals for the project is protected areas designated by national or local legislation or regulations.

The protected areas and Natura 2000 areas of Slovenia are defined by the Nature Conservation Act .

Protected areas are:

1. Natural monuments
2. Dedicated nature reserves
3. Nature reserves
4. National parks
5. Regional parks
6. Landscape parks.
Natura 2000 (designated by the Decree on special protected areas):

7. Natura 2000 areas.

Slovenia's protected areas can be viewed on the interactive map.
Administrator : SPIRIT Slovenija - Raziskave in Razvoj | | last modified: 22/01/2010


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