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Solčava, Church of Our Lady of the Snows (Marija Snežna)

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The church was probably built on the initiative of the monks from Gornji Grad. Perhaps first only a smaller chapel stood on the hill above the village. The oldest found record of the church is from 1365. The existing church stands in the middle of the cemetery. The present building is a typical Gothic volume with a wider and higher nave, narrower presbytery with exterior buttresses and a bell tower, which is pressed up against the presbytery due to the lack of space. It was supposedly set up around 1710. Between the two exterior buttresses the image of St. Christopher was painted on the façade already around 1490.

The interior of the Gothic, stellar rib-vaulted church, built under the influence of Carinthian builders, is entirely preserved. In 1891 Tomaž Fantoni covered the paintings with newer images that were popular at that time.  The older paintings probably originate from the time of the construction of the present church, from about 1485.

In the upper niche of the main altar is the greatest valuables of the church and one of the oldest altar sculptures, the Statue of the Virgin or Pieta (Solčavska Marija). It is a sculpture of Mary sitting with the baby in her lap, supporting the child's face with her left hand.  The mother is sitting on a stone bench fitted with a cushion.  The folds of her clothing reach the ground in sharply breaking bends. Ichnographically it is a continuation of a type of Salomon's Throne. The sculpture belongs to the late Romanesque period and in the circle of workshops that chiselled ornamentation in Gornji Grad and the Knights of the Cross Church in Ljubljana around 1250.


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