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Religious buildings in Logatec

There are 38 protected religious buildings in the region of Logatec; 14 chapels and 15 churches.

Church of St. Nicholas
Many churches bear the year of the first record, 1526. The same goes for the Parish Church of St. Nicholas in Dolenji Logatec. Today’s church was built on the spot of the old church between 1795 and 1803. Its architecture shows an interesting transition from Baroque to Classicism. The presbytery was later extended and the façade was renovated. The last renovation, followed by an extension of the church in 2002, was carried out in 1989 and 1990, when the interior and surroundings were changed according to the plans of architect F. Kvaternik.

Special features of other churches:

The Church of St. Mary in Leščevje from the 15th century is one of the smallest pilgrim churches in Slovenia. There is very little known about the church besides the first written record of it 500 years ago.
The interesting fact is that the church was built above a well that can be entered through a door in the southern wall. Legend has it that the water accumulating in the well has healing powers for eye disease and holds rejuvenating properties. According to some sources, there used to be a pagan temple there dedicated to an unknown water god.

The buildings surrounding the Church of Holy God’s Mother of Rosary in Gorenji Logatec have been preserved all the way up to the present day, thus providing evidence of typical camp-like defence buildings.

The Church of St. Barbara is an old pilgrim church that was also used as a camp in the fight against the Turks. The main altar is made of black marble and decorated with red, brown and yellow marble.

The Church of St. Hieronim in Petkovec has the oldest bell in the Rovte parish dating from 1757. The church is surrounded by small walls proving that the church probably served as a defence camp against the invasion of the Turks.

The Church of St. Catherine in Medvedje Brdo stands on the spot where, according to folk tradition, there was a chapel in 1200. Oral tradition says the dead from Vrhnika were buried here during the period of the plague in the Middle Ages.

The Church of St. Michael in Rovte has a relief representing faith, hope and love from 1847 on the pulpit. The Church has the painting A Struggle with Rejected Angels (Boj z Zavrženimi Angeli) by Simon Ogrin from 1914, an old mechanical organ from 1891 made by the Rieger brothers from Silesia, and a baptismal font, which is the work of architect Jože Plečnik.

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