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Hrastovlje, Church of the Holy Trinity

Hrastovlje, Hrastovlje, 6275 Črni Kal
On an elevation above the village of Hrastovlje stands an encampment wall. Above the wall rises the top of the bell tower with a pyramidal crown. Behind the wall is a medieval stone branch church with an exposed apse. The church building was constructed in the late Romanesque tradition before the 15th century, or at the latest by 1480 as is apparent by the three-nave area with two drawn side apses and an outstanding main apse. At the entrance there is the added on bell tower mentioned above. The encampment wall built in the 15th and in the beginning of the 16th century is an irregular rectangle with cylindrical towers in exposed corners and with preserved loopholes on two levels.

The interior of the church is barrel-vaulted and divided into three apparent naves by four simple pillars. All the walls and vaulting down to the last corner of the church are decorated by frescos. There is not a more thoroughly painted church in Slovenia. The artist of those somewhat awkwardly painted images is the inscribed Janez of Kastav. The painting originated around 1490, probably with the help of several collaborators. They were hidden under plaster for a long time. They were discovered in 1949 and afterwards were carefully restored. Among those of more iconographic interest are the scenes from Genesis in the main nave, where the first people appear in a typical Karst environment. Full-figured images of the Apostles are painted in niches in the apse, where the Throne of Grace is centrally positioned in the apse. There are numerous frescos with saints and prophets; the most interesting are those with genre scenes of farm work symbolising the 12 months. There is also a depiction of the Passion series on the north wall with the journey and adoration of the Magi. On the south wall the most famous scene of medieval frescos in Slovenia is painted: a continued Dance of Death. The rare scene shows people dancing with skeletons before the grave.  There is a whole line of people of different classes in their typical clothing: from a baby, beggar to the king and the pope; all of them are led by skeletons though life to the grave. The altar fittings are modest.

The key of the encampment is in the village owned by Rihter Rozana phone: +386 31 432 231.

Special feature:
The Hrastovlje church ranks at very top of Slovenia's medieval mural artwork.

Hrastovlje interior of the church (360°)

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