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Church of St. Francis of Assisi (Sv. Frančišek Asiški) in Vipavski Križ

Vipavski Križ 12 5270 Ajdovščina
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In 1643 the Attems Counts as well as the Monastery helped to build the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.  It is located in the western part of the settlement. In the 17th century it was thoroughly renovated, thanks to the Counts of Attems. From that period is the date 1660 on the main portal. The Church obtained its present-day image between the years 1902 - 1904, when it was renovated. The interior, such as it is today, has been admired since the year 1994.
Francis of Assisi or Tobija Lionelli, who wrote a collection of five books of sermons Sacrum Promtuarium - The Holy Handbook, was born in Križ where he later worked for some time. In 1563 the Slovenian church reformer Primož Trubar also preached in Križ.
In the Monastery Church there is the largest Baroque painting in Slovenia - the Glory of the Holy Trinity  (Slava Svete Trojice, 1668).
The parish Church has extremely beautifully chiselled altars, an artistically sculptured marble main altar, oil paintings and rich stucco work in the chapel of the Holy Cross.

Tel. : +386 5 368 88 00 
Fax : +386 5 368 88 01 

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