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A Gothic town loggia closes off the north side of the main square of Koper. It is located opposite the Praetor's Palace and represents its open antithesis. The Loggia was built anew in 1462 and it replaced the old loggia (lobbia vetus), which once stood on the location of the Praetorian Palace.

Under the supervision of Nicholas from Piran and Thomas from Venice, a slender five-arched decorated ground floor facing the square and a four-arched one facing Verdi Street had been built by 1464. The loggia was decorated with coats-of-arms and seats for townsmen and noblemen. It's main purpose was to be the covered area for commerce, here merchants gathered and lead buisness with all kinds of goods. The Loggia was also an important location for the social life of rich citizens and members of noble families. Among other things, it was the only place where gambling was allowed, because only in this limited area these kind of activities could be controlled by the authorities.

A terra-cotta statue of Mary was erected above the corner in 1555, it was placed there as an expression of gratitude for the end of the plague. In 1698 another storey was added to the loggia and two arches from the west side were moved on the front, while on the spot of the former arches on the west facade, a beutiful bifora was built. Above the slender stone pillars, the pointed Gothic arches are preserved. The three middle arches reach the ground, which is three steps above the level of the square.  There are stone benches on the exterior side of the loggia by the square. The side pairs of arches is closed by a balustrade. On the main facade we can notice a Venetian lion with a closed book and some heraldic decoration.

The Koper loggia is the only preserved Gothic city loggia in Slovenia. Its ground floor houses a cafe, which is know for it's important cultural and social role for the italian community. Here many important people (sepecial italian writers) from the past passed by: Italo Svevo, Umberto Saba, Gabriele d'Annunzio etc. On the first floor, accessible by a steep staircase on the east side of the building, there is the Loggia gallery, which is one of the main exposition centres of the Coastal galleries from Piran. 

Kavarna Loggia 
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