Urban and village architecture

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The respect for Slovenian architectural heritage is evident in the efforts to maintain and renovate important buildings in towns and villages. A number of Slovenian towns and cities have finely preserved medieval centres. In recent centuries a number of important Slovenian architects have left their mark on cities. Special mention should be made of Jože Plečnik, who created numerous exceptional architectural works in Ljubljana and other Slovenian cities. Slovenia’s villages and countryside have been marked by vernacular architecture, which has its own special features in different Slovenian regions. Notable structures are the Slovenian toplar (double) hayracks, Karst houses, the channelled roof tiles in the Soča region, old granaries and village wells.
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Open-air museums (14)
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Architectural Heritage (321)
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MapBogenšperk Castle,  Bogenšperk

MapChurch of Mary's Annunciation,  Crngrob

MapDa Ponte Fountain,  Koper

MapDornava, Dornava Manor,  Dornava

MapKoper (Capodistria), Praetorian Palace (Pretorska palača),  Koper

MapLjubljana, Dragon Bridge,  Ljubljana

MapLjubljana, Nebotičnik Skyscraper,  Ljubljana

MapLjubljana, Tromostovje, Triple Bridge,  Ljubljana

MapPtuj, Orpheus's Monument,  Ptuj

MapSolkan, Solkan bridge,  Solkan

MapThe city bell tower,  Koper

MapBelgramoni - Tacco Palace,  Koper

MapBesenghi degli Ughi Palace,  Izola

MapBlatni graben, Pantz's cable railway,  Nomenj

MapBrežice, Water Tower,  Brežice

MapČrni Kal, Benko house (Benkova hiša),  Črni Kal

MapForesteria,  Koper

MapGlavni trg Square,  Maribor

MapGranary,  Škofja Loka

MapHoman's House,  Škofja Loka

MapJanež Homestead (Janeževa domačija),  Ravne na Koroškem

MapKluže Fortress,  Bovec

MapKongresni trg (Congress square),  Ljubljana

MapKoper (Capodistria), Almerigogna Palace,  Koper

MapKoper (Capodistria), Gravisi Barbabianca Palace,  Koper

MapKoper (Capodistria), Muda Gate (Vrata Muda),  Koper

MapLjubljana, Cobbler's or Shoemaker's Bridge (Čevljarski most),  Ljubljana

MapLjubljana, Gruber palace,  Ljubljana

MapLjubljana, Opera,  Ljubljana

MapLjubljana, Prešeren Square,  Ljubljana

MapLjubljana, Republic Square (Trg republike),  Ljubljana

MapLoggia,  Koper

MapMestna hiša ali Rotovž (Town hall),  Ljubljana

MapMestni, Stari in Gornji trg (Town square, old square and upper square),  Ljubljana

MapMuseum of Architecture and Design,  Ljubljana

MapNaskov dvorec Mansion,  Maribor

MapNavje,  Ljubljana

MapNova Gorica, Railway Station,  Nova Gorica

MapPeglezen building,  Ljubljana

MapPerkauz House,  Koper

MapPlečnik's House,  Ljubljana

MapRoman town walls in Mirje,  Ljubljana

MapSoseska zidanica Drašiči,  Drašiči

MapStone bridge or Capuchin bridge,  Škofja Loka

MapŠtanjel, Garden by the Villa Ferrari,  Štanjel

MapThe Anastazij Grün mousoleum,  Leskovec pri Krškem

MapThe Rotund Church, Selo,  Selo

MapTown Hall - Rotovž,  Maribor

MapVenetian-gothic house,  Koper

MapVojsko, Idrijske klavže,  Idrijska Bela

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Manor houses (19)
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Castles (95)
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MapBogenšperk Castle,  Bogenšperk

MapCelje, Celje Old Castle,  Celje

MapGrad in Goričko, Castle (Grad),  Grad

MapKamnik, Little Castle (Mali grad),  Kamnik

MapKozarišče, Snežnik, Castle,  Kozarišče

MapLjubljanski grad (Ljubljana castle),  Ljubljana

MapPodsreda, Castle,  Podsreda

MapPtuj Castle,  Ptuj

MapBegunje na Gorenjskem, Castle and park,  Begunje na Gorenjskem

MapBizeljsko, Orešje Castle,  Bizeljsko

MapBorl, Borl Castle,  Dolane

MapBrežice, Castle,  Brežice

MapIdrija, Castle Gewerkenegg,  Idrija

MapKromberk, Castle,  Kromberk

MapMala Loka Manor,  Mala Loka

MapMaribor castle,  Maribor

MapMirna Castle - a Sleeping Beauty,  Mirna

MapMokrice, Mokrice Castle,  Rajec

MapMurska Sobota, Castle,  Murska Sobota

MapPišece, Village and Castle,  Pišece

MapPredjama Castle,  Predjama

MapPrem Castle,  Prem

MapSevnica Castle,  Sevnica

MapSlovenska Bistrica, Castle,  Slovenska Bistrica

MapSoteska Manor,  Soteska

MapŠkofja Loka, Castle,  Škofja Loka

MapŠtanjel, Castle,  Štanjel

MapŠtatenberg, Manor and Garden,  Štatenberg

MapThe Kamen Castle,  Novo Mesto

MapTurjak Castle,  Turjak

MapVipolže, Villa Vipolže,  Vipolže

MapŽužemberk Castle,  Žužemberk

MapCastle of Škofja Loka,  Škofja Loka

MapKhislstein Manor,  Kranj

MapRibnica Castle,  Ribnica

MapThe Grm Castle,  Novo Mesto

MapThe Hmeljnik Castle,  Dolenje Karteljevo

MapThe Novi Dvor Castle,  Novo Mesto

MapThe Struga Castle,  Gumberk

MapThe Vrbovec Castle,  Nazarje

MapDobrna castle - Kačji grad,  Lokovina

MapRavne castle,  Ravne na Koroškem

MapSchrottenthurn Manor,  Kranj

MapThe Graben castle,  Novo Mesto

Bistra Castle

MapCastle Fridrihštajn,  Kočevje

MapCastle Lože, Lože at Vipava,  Lože

MapCastle Old Soteska,  Soteska

MapCastle Rožek,  Podturn pri Dol.Toplicah

MapCastle Slap, Slap at Vipava,  Slap

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Palaces (25)


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