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The Archaelogical site Neviodunum

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Drnovo, 8273 Leskovec pri Krškem
With the arrival of Romans in the area, a new administrative centre of the Krško plain was established on the territory of the today village Drnovo: Municipium Flavium Latobicorum Neviodunum. Archaeological research in the late nineteenth century has uncovered a vast Roman necropolis with numerous stone- and brick-built burial chambers with rich grave goods; one of the chambers had walls painted with frescoes. The archaeological excavations carried out in the sixties were aimed at understanding the urban structures and architecture. The rich remains of architectural decoration, mosaics, central heating of some buildings and the several kilometres long aqueduct bringing fresh water from the spring near the today village Izvir into the town, passing the river Krka on its way, bear witness to the administrative importance of this tribal central place: it was the centre of the Celtic tribe Latibici noted among other things for the house-shaped urns in which they buried their dead in the first and the second centuries AD. 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,9161 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,4746 
Administrator : Center za podjetništvo in turizem Krško | ++386 7 490 22 20 | | | last modified: 17/01/2014
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GPS N: 45,9161
E: 15,4746

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