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The first “In Your Pocket” guide to Slovenian EDEN destinations

Almost all the Slovenian EDEN destinations have been recording a higher number of overnight stays, especially by foreign tourists. The Soča Valley, the Solčavsko Region, the Kolpa River and the town of Idrija are destinations that have been paving the way in Slovenia and abroad for the last decade – in recent years, at a brisk pace – through the EDEN network and its promotional support.

This year, the EDEN project focuses on the promotion of existing EDEN destinations. A new promotional tool for this is the first In Your Pocket guide to Slovenian EDEN destinations.

The guide will be published shortly, with a circulation of 30,000 copies. It will be available in English at various sites, among which the Slovenian EDEN destinations will be included, i.e. in the valleys of the Soča and Kolpa rivers, the Solčavsko region and Idrija.

Check the guide attached or on the In Your Pocket website, where Slovenia has already been introduced and well represented.

EDEN Slovenia In Your Pocket

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EDEN 2011 Idrija


EDEN 2010 Reka Kolpa


EDEN 2009 Solčavsko

EDEN 2008 Dolina SočeSlovenske finalistke EDEN

EDEN 2011 Idrija


EDEN 2010 Kolpa river


EDEN 2009 Solčavsko

EDEN 2008 Soča valleySlovenian EDEN finalists

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