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On these pages tour operators can find several useful information which will help with creation of Slovenian tourist offer.

Don’t miss

Slovenia inspires with its beauty and places of interest. There is so much to choose from, it is sometimes hard to ...more

Did you know…

Here are 40 facts about Slovenia and its inhabitants that might surprise you. ...more

Major tourist incoming agencies

Slovenia has many capable travel agencies whose help can be invaluable in making your travel around Slovenia ...more

9 Hot Facts

URBAN IMAGES The architecture of the famed Plečnik inhabits the capital city of Ljubljana. --- ...more

Foreign Travel Agents

Are you coming from a foreign country and would like to travel to Slovenia, but you do not know where and how? ...more

Get Inspired

The films are the intellectual property of the Slovenian Tourist Board; they may be reproduced only for ...more


In Slovenia the right festival can be found for everyone. Every day there is an opportunity to see the work of the ...more

Photo Library

The Photo Album of the Slovenian Tourist Board contains 1500+ high-resolution Slovenian tourism photographs ...more

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