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300 m
Height above sea level
in the countryside
Healthy climate
Average summer temperature: 20 °C
Average winter temperature: -2,5 °C
The village of Radovci is first mentioned in 1365 as "Ladafolua", something revealed by a comparison of documents from 1365 and 1366. The word "Ladafolua" is of Hungarian origin and may be translated as follows: Lada is a shortened form of the name Ladislav, while folua means "village". Later, the village had many other names, e.g. Radachowcz in 1499. Radovci lies in the valley of a stream called Spuniki and on the neighbouring slopes and ridges. The village includes a number of larger and smaller hamlets: Vuča Dolina, Koncvenklinovi, Balažinova Graba, Sukičova Dolina, Drvaričeva Ravnina, Sabotinovi, Fertelov Rob, Lončarova Dolina and Melinova Graba. The average height above sea level is 300 metres. In 1971 Radovci had around 400 inhabitants. There were 80 houses, 90 households and 361 farmers in the village. Today the decline in the population may be noted. Some houses are empty and a few of them are already falling into ruin. The reason for this is that villagers have left to seek work in towns or even abroad, and in many cases have not returned. A significant drop in the farming population in comparison to 1971 may also be observed. Even so, there are still a number of larger farmers in Radovci, particularly those involved in livestock farming. The appearance of the village remained largely unchanged until 1971, as may be seen from the many carefully conserved photographs of our grandmothers and grandfathers. Despite the fact that the past was a time of many deprivations, people still have fond memories of a period in which they enjoyed so many wonderful moments. If nothing else, people used to know how to make time for each other and share the good and bad sides of everyday life. 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,7796 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1079 
Region: Pomurska
Place: Radovci
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Administrator : Krajinski park Goričko | ++386 31 354 149 |
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