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Majšperk is located on the edge of a wide valley through which the river Dravinja runs. Green hills of Haloze are sorrounding it on the eastern and southern side whereby on the northern and western side Majšperk is encircled by relatively low hills of the region Savinsko which forms a barrier between the valley of Dravinja (Dravinjska dolina) and the field of river Drava (Dravsko polje). Several centuries ago the settlement was named after a mighty manor above the village. According to historical sources Majšperk was mentioned already in the 12th century. precisely in 1168, as Monsberg. It was named after the castle mentioned above. Already in history Majšperk was very important not only from the economic but also the strategic point of view because it represented a part of the defence zone.
It is also interesting that in 1487 the travel writter Paolo Santonino was invited to the castle Monsberg by Hartmann Holleneck (Holleneg) and his wife Amalia. In 1695 the castle was burned down by revolting peasants. The castle was rebuilt again but after 1850 it rapidly fell to ruins. Only a part of the defence tower can be admired today. One of the most important turning points in the history of Majšperk is certainly the initiative by families Novak and Kubricht who consolidated the development of Majšperk´s industry. The state of raw material was favourable as well as the number of workers who so far could not find jobs in this mountainous area. First they have opened two factories, one for wool fabrication called "Tovarna volnenih izdelkov" and a production plant "Planika".
The school of Majšperk exists since 1803. The local community comprises following villages: Majšperk, Breg, Jelovice, Koritno, Lešje, Medvedce, Naraplje, Planjsko, Preša, Sestrže, Skrblje, Stanečka vas and Spodnja Sveča. The local community of Majšperk numbers 2304 residents.
One of Majšperk´s sights is certainly the manor Hamre (today´s Breg at Majšperk). The castle also contained a chapel that is dedicated to the saint Janez Nepomuk but was abandoned after the last war. In the middle of Majšperk lies the church of St. Nicholas (Sv. Miklavž) which existed already before 1649. Strolling through the town we can admire the monument dedicated to victims of World War Two.
Majšperk also has a health centre, a school, a pharmacy, a nursary school, a police station, a bank and a post office.
The school, kindergarden and other associations within a civil community are arranging the cultural programme.

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,3503 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,7341 
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