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Classic trips - Between vineyards and the river Kolpa

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In early morning hours we arrive to Bela krajina. This region immediately offers glass of wine and homemade dishes. A local tourist guide is an indispensable part of our journey. Firstly we walk around the old market aquare of Semič, visit the parish church of St. Štefan, and have a look at the camp walls and camp house. The first part of our journey ends by a visit of the Local Museum Collection of Semič, which offers a closer and detailed look at the history of Semič. Further, we pay a visit to a beekeeper and have a taste of bee products. Then our journey take us to the village Rožanec, which leads to the quiet natural environs of the temple of god Mitra (Mitrej). The road then continue through Črnomelj towards Vinica. We make a stop at Lahinja Regional Park, in the village Pusti Gradacm with the old mill and Venetian saw. There we enter the church of All Saints and learn a thing or two about archeological findings. After spending some time in the pleasant natural environsm the road continues to Vinica, where we visit the birth place of the great Slovene  poet Oton Župančič. With our hearts and minds full of rich natural and artistic impressions drive to an inn or to a tourist farm, where a fine dinner and the sounds of an accordion player give s closing to0 a wonderful day. 
Administrator : RIC Bela krajina | ++386 7 305 65 30 | | last modified: 04/08/2014

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