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14 July 2011

Tourism Confidence Index survey 2011-2

Slovenian tourism does not feel the influence of the economic crisis anymore Tourism Confidence Index (TCI) shows that in the first four months of 2011 Slovenian tourism has achieved better results (TCI 98) than expected (TCI 94). This happened for the first time since the occurrence of the economic crisis. The expectations for the period May–August 2011 are optimistic as well. On the scale that has an interval of 100 points below normal business results and 100 points above normal ... moreless ...
17 March 2011

Tourism Confidence Index survey 2011-1

In 2011 tourism managers expect better business results Slovenian tourism managers predict that tourism sector will regain positive growth in 2011. Tourism Confidence Index (TCI) for 2011 is above 100 for the first time since the beginning of the economic crisis (TCI prospects 104). However, there is no reason for excessive optimism. European managers are in fact much more optimistic and expect a higher growth (TCI prospects 132). In comparison with 2009, the number of international tourist ... moreless ...
30 November 2010

Tourism Confidence Index survey 2010-3

Representatives of the tourism sector grade the period May–Aug. 2010 worse than the prospects, given four months ago. Read more in summery of the report.
13 July 2010

Tourism Confidence Index survey 2010-2

Tourism Confidence Index (TCI) has reached a level of normal business operations (100). Read more in the summery of the report.
28 February 2010

Tourism Confidence Index survey 2010-1

Slovenian tourism, according to tourism experts, is slowly recovering, however, the evaluations and prospects of tourism business are still below the normal business operations (100), but forecasts are slowly approaching this level. Read more in summery of the report.
30 March 2009

Tourism Confidence Index survey 1-2009

Slovenian tourism confidence index survey shows a fall in confidence for 2009, index value is 80. The expectations have fallen below the ‘neutral’ 100 for the first time and therefore have a negative connotation, but are still closer to the expectations of a normal business year, than to expectations of bad business results (value of index 50). Slovenian tourism experts are still quite optimistic in comparison to European tourism experts who rate the performance closer to worse than they would ... moreless ...
21 November 2008

Tourism Confidence Index survey - 3

The third round of the Tourism Confidence Index survey again revealed big discrepancies between forecasts and actual results. More information in the report.

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