Strategy of Slovenian Tourism

Slovenian Tourism Development Strategy 2012-2016

In 2016, tourism in Slovenia will be entirely based on sustainable development and Slovenia will be a developed tourist destination with a modern, diverse and top-quality tourist offer, based on innovative and quality integral tourist products and high value-added services aimed to satisfy tourists.

The 2012-2016 Development and Marketing Strategy for Slovenian Tourism is built on the foundations and realisation of goals written in the 2007-2011 Development Plan and Policies of Slovenian Tourism and upgrades them in line with the bases of the desired development of Slovenian tourism in this strategic period.

The working name of the new Development Strategy for Slovenian Tourism is “2012 – 2016 Partnership for the Sustainable Development of Slovenian Tourism” and is based on experiences from the past two decades and discoveries from at least a century before that, on the theoretical knowledge and findings from the fifteen years of the STB’s operations, the cooperation between the Ministry of the Economy, the STB and stakeholders from the private and civil society sectors and, especially, on a very clear image of what we wish to achieve in the future.
Slovenian Tourism Development Strategy
Marketing Plan for Slovenian Tourism 2007-2011
Tourism in Slovenia, to a large extent, still represents unexploited possibilities in terms of its economic and social development and recognisability in the world. In terms of relative volume of tourist capacity and number of tourism operators in Slovenia, as well as tourism traffic and employment in tourism (in view of Slovenia's natural attractions), Slovenia still lags behind other comparable countries and regions in Europe.

The Marketing Strategy of Slovenian Tourism for 2007–2011, based on The Development Plan and Policies of Slovenian Tourism (Razvojni načrt in usmeritve slovenskega turizma - RNUST) and analyses of the state of and actual trends in the area of tourism in Slovenia, Europe and the world, answers key questions for marketing Slovenian tourism in the upcoming five-year period and offers solutions for recognised challenges and opportunities.

These can only be realised with the valorisation of Slovenia’s natural and unique assets, taking into consideration trends in world tourism and the preparation of active and effective participation in the international tourism market. 

Developement Plan and Policies of Slovene Tourism 2007-2011
Developement Plan and Policies of Slovene Tourism 2007 2011
Strategy of Slovenian Tourism in the 2002-2006 Period
Strategy of Slovenian tourism




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