Soča, do tell: 100 years of First World War along the Walk of Peace

Along the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea A Century After the Isonzo Front

Have you ever embraced the Alps and the Adriatic with a single view? Have you ever strolled along the emerald Soča River ?
This is where the Great War cut fiercely into serenity a century ago.

Throne of marshal Borojević Today, the historic heritage of Isonzo front (Italian front) of European importance is linked by the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. It runs across green and diverse landscape – past picturesque towns, out-of-the-way villages and open fireplaces where still smells of good food.

Slovenian and Italian tourism experience providers have on the occasion of the 100th anniversary come together in cross-border network  and created new ideas for your holiday.
Welcome to the Walk of Peace!
Feel the boundless experiences and freedom, spread your wings among the vistas of the mountains and the sea, let yourself be pampered by the hospitality of the locals.

*The T-lab project connects countries and people. The mission of all partners in the project is the promotion of innovation in tourism in the cross-border region that connects Slovenia and Italy. The project is co-financed within the scope of the Italy-Slovenia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007–2013 from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund and national funds.


Themed travels: 100 years of First World War along the Walk of Peace

A century ago, the Great War fiercely cut into serenity of the emerald Soča River. Tips for a short break and exploration prepared for you by individual providers. ...more

Tips for the weekends

Spend a weekend with a knowledgeable guide, by yourself or in a group and see the sites by car, on foot or by bicycle. Put together your own boundless weekend by choosing between the different options for trips you will take each day of your short break. ...more

Network of Visitor Centres and Providers

Visitor Centres have been set up to help you plan your trips. The centres will provide detailed information on tourism programmes, information on attractions and providers as well as maps. ...more

Calendar of Events and Activities

Upon the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War (2014–2018), cultural societies, museums, scientific institutions and numerous other institutions will prepare exhibitions, organise events and conferences. ...more


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Soča, povej


Soča, do tell


Soča, sage


Isonzo, raccontaci


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