Slovenia for romantics

The numerous romantic spots to be found all over Slovenia will only strengthen or deepen your romantic relationship. From countryside walks to boating on lakes, from gastronomic pleasures in intimate restaurants to pampering in Slovenia's natural health resorts. There are, of course, no magic recipes, but the ingredients for them, which Slovenia offers, are tried and tested. Come and see for yourself.

Romantic hints in natural surroundings…

Slovenia has the sea but there are no islands in it. Islands are to be found in Slovenia's rivers and lakes. The Island of Love lies on the river Mura near Ižakovci. You and your partner can reach it aboard a river ferry.

Then there is the little island in the river Krka. Otočec has scenic footpaths along the river banks, from where you can watch the swans swim by.

On Lake Bled a boatman will ferry you to the famous island aboard a traditional pletna, or you can hire a rowing boat yourselves.

In the idyllic hills of Goriška Brda you can stroll among the vines or cycle through beautiful villages along the wine route.

In the picturesque Trenta Valley you can enjoy the Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden. Other heady fragrances are offered by the displays of flowers and other plants at Mozirski Gaj and Volčji Potok Arboretum.

In Portorož you can take a boat trip along Slovenia's coast.

...and within four walls

Choose one of the excellent restaurants in Ljubljana's Old Town for a candlelit dinner or enjoy a cake in one of the city's many cafés.

Borrow a telescope at the astronomical observatory at Fokovci in the Goričko Nature Park and gaze at the stars.

Relax in the saunas and wellness centres of one of Slovenia's 15 natural health resorts or thermal baths.

Enjoy a cultural event of your choice.

Spend the night in a romantic hotel or on an organic open farm.

Original ideas count

The above are merely a handful of ideas for romantic adventures in Slovenia, and you are sure to be able to think of many more yourselves. Or you can also ask for advice in local tourism offices.

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