Slovenia’s Winter Wonderland

Slovenia is the perfect destination for lovers of sports and outdoor recreation.  Its excellent geographical location offers numerous opportunities to ski in



lower mountains
Kranjska Gora 
Mariborsko Pohorje
Velika Planina
Soriška Planina
SC Javornik
SC Bela

and lower-lying ski resorts managed by sports organisations and sports clubs.

In all, there are 87 ski resorts in Slovenia, 10 of which are of a major scale, 18 medium sized and 59 more compact ski villages. The total area of resorts amounts to 1300 hectares, comprising of 300 km of ski runs, 280 km cross-country paths and 24 km of sledging tracks. Our ski resorts are subject to continual improvement and, year on year, management and safety levels have been repeatedly increased.  To ensure full season skiing almost three quarters of all tracks are supplemented by artificial snow making.
Tracks for cross-country skiers wind their way past picturesque lakes and over plateaus such as in Pokljuka where, every year, the world biathlon championships take place, or across Bloke Plateau, one of Europe’s oldest ski bowls. Cross-country tracks are well established in the Logarska Valley and can frequently be found close to some of Slovenia’s smaller and more popular local resorts. 

Other more unexpected Winter pursuits include snowmobiling in Kranjska Gora, Pohorje, Pokljuka and Krvavec and, in some places, dog and horse-driven sledge rides. Around any of Slovenia’s resorts, for five minutes of fun you can grab a one or two man sled and speed downhill on numerous toboggan tracks, or sledge downhill on snowy roads that cross mountain passes (normally closed in winter) organised by qualified sports agencies (Mangart).

Other Slovenian ski resorts:

Logarska Valley
Branik Ski Resort – "Pohorska vzpenjača" cable railway
ZPO Celjska koča

More information on Slovenian ski resorts is available at  

Family-friendly ski resorts and ski courses

The gently sloping terrain of Slovenia’s ski resorts make them very suitable for family skiing. Certain ski resorts are ideal for children and for younger skiiers, special kindergarten care is provided in heated buildings and on the slopes, such as at
Kranjska Gora
Mariborsko Pohorje and

Other ski resorts are introducing wider kindergarten care across the country. In addition, there are 14 high-quality ski schools operating within Slovenian ski resorts. Details of ski schools are available on their individual websites and additional information is available at Also see the table below

 Vogel - Bohinj Bohinj
 Rimski vrelecDR7
 Kranjska GoraIntersport Bernik
Kranjska Gora
 Mariborsko PohorjePohorje
 SC BelaRogova šola smučanja
 Soriška planina, Bled-StražaSmučarska šola Bled Kompas - Safari Company

Major international ski events taking place throughout the 2008/09 season are:

• 48th POKAL VITRANC 2009 - AUDI Alpine FIS Ski World Cup - Kranjska Gora (February 28 – March 1, 2009)
• 45th GOLDEN FOX TROPHY - AUDI FIS Ski World Cup - Maribor (January 10 – 11, 2009)
• IBU World Cup Biathlon - Pokljuka (December 18 – 21, 2008)
• FIS World Cup Ski Jump Finals - Planica (March 19 – 22, 2009)

Additional offerings and culinary delights

"Après-ski" offerings are available in particular at ski resorts with accommodation capacities, such as Kranjska Gora, Bovec, Bohinj-Bled, Zreče-Rogla, Mariborsko Pohorje and Cerkno. Slovenia is a hospitable country, one which surprises visitors with an abundance and variety of traditional Slovenian dishes and modern culinary masterpieces under the influence of recognised international cuisines enriched with a touch of Slovenian cuisine. The variety and abundance of the culinary offering may be found in numerous inns, restaurants and tourist farms across all of Slovenia.

Getting Here
Air Transport

Adria Airways:  Adria Airways, the national airline of Slovenia, provides scheduled connections from major European cities.  More information on routes timetables are available at
- easyJet: Low budget airline, easyjet flies daily between London Stanstead and Ljubljana.  For more information visit
During the 08/09 winter season (December to March) a direct charter flight will operate between the UK and Slovenia. More information and timetables are available at

Additional information about getting to Slovenia.

Hotels in the vicinity of ski resorts:

- Kranjska Gora 
- Mariborsko Pohorje 
- Krvavec  
- Rogla 
- Golte 
- Bovec 
- Cerkno Ski Centre

Diary of a Former Ski Teacher Aleš Fevžer (and now one of Slovenia’s best known sports and photo journalists):

The White Slovenian Plains

Skiing in fresh powder in the Julian and Kamnik Alps, or just carefree slalom’ing on well maintained slopes, are an unforgettable experience in Slovenia.  Every year, on the sunny side of the Alps, skiers are welcomed by numerous new lifts and fresh pristine ski runs ensuring a Slovenian welcome to visitors and guests wanting to enjoy winter activities.  

Twenty years ago, when as a student I was earning money by teaching skiing, I didn’t immediately understand why guests from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark got so excited about our ski resorts. Even at that time Slovenians were spending their ski holidays in neighbouring Italy and Austria.   My eyes were opened by Richard who brought his wife Tracy to Bled for their honeymoon and during that time they spent a week learning to ski at our school. At the farewell party, as they laughed and cried at the memory of how they turned from awkward beginners into real skiers, Richard told me:  "We have travelled to many countries but have never met such kind and open people as those in Bled. It was because of this that we decided to learn to ski - although I didn’t believe, on the first day, that you would succeed in persuading me to ski all the way down hill to the valley – and all our falls were quickly forgotten after a pleasant massage in the hotel and a romantic walk around the lake."

We are very proud of the fact that we were among the first in Europe to ski the white plains, that Elan’s designers were the first to make curved skis enabling easier skiing for everyone, and that the largest international ski jump is in Planica where the current record of 239 metres was made.   It’s not surprising then that skiing is a national sport in Slovenia and that every year the best international skiers come to take part in World Cup competitions.  Men test their strength and ability in Kranjska Gora, where they compete on one of the most difficult runs in Europe, descending from Vitranc.  Kranjska Gora is also considered the ski resort with the best variety of things on offer and you might bump into any number of famous people there. Jure Košir, an Olympic bronze medal winner organises every year the "Ski Legends HIT Challenge" giant slalom in which the greatest ski legends of all time compete.   Ingemar Stenmark, Piero Gros, Paul Frommelt, Bojan Križaj, Alberto Tomba, Lasse Kjus and many others come to Slovenia because of the social events and entertainment on offer in Kranjska Gora.

Hotels, swimming pools, casinos and discotheques are always worth a visit, as is a walk beneath the summits of the Julian Alps to the Tamar Valley. 
At the other end of the country lies Maribor, where the women’s event, the Golden Fox competition, takes place just above Slovenia’s second largest city. Skiers and fans alike are always in high spirits as they make their way to Maribor’s hospitable city centre for an evening of entertainment.  The longest illuminated ski run in Central Europe ensures excellent night skiing and commands a beautiful view of the city. 

Krvavec, only 10 minutes drive from Ljubljana’s Jože Pučnik Airport, is well worth a visit.  Enjoy the variety of activities and attractions on offer in Slovenia’s capital and within a short space of time you can be enjoying curving through the snow on the Kamnik Alps.  

Vogel is visited by the most loyal visitors from Slovenia and abroad.  It’s reputed to be the sunniest ski resort in Slovenia, and from its panoramic sun terrace it’s possible to enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Bohinj, the largest lake in Slovenia, and above it Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, at 2864 metres.

The adrenalin centre of Slovenia, popular with extreme skiers, snowboarders and telemarkers is most definitely Bovec.  Above Bovec is Kanin, where skiing is possible until the beginning of May, whilst for skiing enthusiasts and, in particular cross-country skiers,  Rogla and nearby Terme Zreče are the perfect choices for guests wishing to be pampered by numerous swimming pools and saunas and where a wide range of massages and wellness services are also available.

Other Slovenian ski resorts, such as Črni Vrh, Stari Vrh, Kope or Areh, are truly like paradise, especially for young families, as numerous kindergartens provide care for children whilst parents ski carefree or relax and enjoy the sun.  

So after a few years I understood what Richard was trying to tell me.  After just a few turns at Vogel and consequently skiing in other countries, he has always returned to Slovenian ski resorts.
 "A holiday in Slovenia always stays in your memory.  Not only because of the beauty of its landscape, cities and ski resorts, but also because of the feeling that you are surrounded by friends with whom to enjoy every hour of the day." 

Aleš Fevžer

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