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All parts of Slovenia are crossed by a variety of hiking trails that allow you to genuinely experience its natural beauty. The majority of the trails can be hiked throughout the year, provided that you are properly equipped and the weather so allows. Given the huge popularity of hiking in Slovenia, it is very likely that you will never be alone on a trail. Be sure to see that others can enjoy the trail as much as you by leaving it clean and undamaged.
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Steep and less steep trails of Slovenia (213)
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Castle footpath along Kolpa river

Circular path P16 - Along the water springs and the beautiful views

Motnik tourist trail

Path of Remembrance and Comradeship

Southernmost Slovenian footpath

The path of dr. Aleš Bebler in Ankaran

Around Lake BohinjMapBohinjska Bistrica

Along the Soca riverMapBovec

Hiking Trail from Litija to ČatežMapČatež

A Stroll in Lahinja Landscape ParkMapČrnomelj

The Mlinarska footpath from Damelj to VinicaMapDamelj

The circular path: P9 Among the olive grooves and sumachMapDekani

The Loka TrailMapDobrna

Walking trail along the DobrnicaMap 

Health run trailMapDolenjske Toplice

Herbalist path PlavicaMap 

Levstik brigade walking pathMap 

Path around CvingerMap 

Path to Krka riverMap 

Toplice circleMap 

17. Mojstrana - Triglavski gaj - Dovje - viewpoint Bajer - campsite Kamne - MojstranaMapDovje

Path into the dwarves' landMapGmajna

Apolonija's PathMapGornja Radgona

6. Gozd Martuljek to First Waterfall and to JasenjeMapGozd Martuljek

The circular path: P11 -Long way to the hillMapIzola

The circular path:P10 - Short way to the hillMap 

The circular path:P13 Valley of StrunjanMap 

Koželjeva Trail and Predaslja GorgeMapKamnik

Kobarid historical trailMapKobarid

Kog Path for the DisabledMapKog

Circular Walking Trail in the Kokra River CanyonMapKranj

10. Across PečiMapKranjska Gora

19. Čičare to Srednji VrhMap 

3. To Podkoren across the Leše fieldMap 

4. Across Stan to PodkorenMap 

9. Kranjska Gora to Planica and TamarMap 

Karstic educational path from Lebica to KrupeMapKrupa

The trail through the Logar valleyMapLogarska Dolina

Walking trail: Luče - circular path around village LučeMapLuče

Walking trail: Luče - MihelicaMap 

15. Mojstrana to Lake Kreda - to Ros and back to MojstranaMapMojstrana

16. Mojstrana to Peričnik WaterfallMap 

Hiking road in OrmožMapOrmož

Karst discovery trail PliskaMapPliskovica

Plužna - B2MapPlužna

Gazice trailMapPodbočje

Slovenj Gradec, Plešivec hiking pathMapPodgorje

Through the Vintgar GorgeMapPodhom

Natural science forest path RožekMapPodturn pri Dol.Toplicah

Parenzana - the route of health and friendshipMapPortorož

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