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In Slovenia, you come across different historical eras at every turn. Truly old items are preserved primarily in museums, but archaeological finds can also be seen in their natural setting. Slovenia's natural diversity further emphasises the attraction of important buildings. Slovenian castles are amazing, and the many rural hilltop churches are charming. Cultural-historical monuments and architectural masterpieces can be found in most Slovenian towns.
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Castles and manors (117)
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Manor houses

Villa RužičkaMapDobrna

Škofijski dvorec (Bishop's palace)MapLjubljana

Betnava MansionMapMaribor

Naskov dvorec MansionMap 

Vetrinjski dvorec MansionMap 

Manor Novo CeljeMapNovo Celje

Oplotnica manorMapOplotnica

The Park and the Mansion of SenekMapPolzela

Mansion ŽupanovšeMapPredmost

Puštal's castleMapPuštal

Dvor MansionMapRadeče

Turn Manor HouseMap 

Castle RakičanMapRakičan

Strmol ManorMapRogatec

Slovenj Gradec: Rotenturn ManorMapSlovenj Gradec

The castle of Stara Loka or Strahl's castleMapStara Loka

Castle of Škofja LokaMapŠkofja Loka

Homan's HouseMap 

Lanthieri manor house in Vipava, Vipava valleyMapVipava

Dobrnica or the Gutenik Castle in ZavrhMapZavrh nad Dobrno

House Plnada in ŽeleznikiMapŽelezniki


Logatec Castle

Begunje na Gorenjskem, Castle and parkMapBegunje na Gorenjskem

Kamen CastleMap 

Bizeljsko, Orešje CastleMapBizeljsko

Bogenšperk CastleMapBogenšperk

The manor house TurnMapBrestanica

Brežice, CastleMapBrežice


Celje, Celje Old CastleMapCelje

The court of princes (The Lower Castle), CeljeMap 

The Dobrovo CastleMapDobrovo

Borl, Borl CastleMapDolane

The Hmeljnik CastleMapDolenje Karteljevo

Castle StrmolMapDvorje

Drnča ManorMapDvorska vas

The castle of Gornja RadgonaMapGornja Radgona

Grad in Goričko, Castle (Grad)MapGrad

The Struga CastleMapGumberk

Castle TurnMapHrastovec

Idrija, Castle GewerkeneggMapIdrija

Kamnik, Little Castle (Mali grad)MapKamnik

Mali gradMap 

Stari grad (Old Castle)Map 

Zaprice ManorMap 

Castle FridrihštajnMapKočevje

Kostel CastleMapKostel

Kozarišče, Snežnik, CastleMapKozarišče

Khislstein ManorMapKranj

Schrottenthurn ManorMap 

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