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In Slovenia, you come across different historical eras at every turn. Truly old items are preserved primarily in museums, but archaeological finds can also be seen in their natural setting. Slovenia's natural diversity further emphasises the attraction of important buildings. Slovenian castles are amazing, and the many rural hilltop churches are charming. Cultural-historical monuments and architectural masterpieces can be found in most Slovenian towns.
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Castles and manors (114)
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Manor houses

MapVilla Ružička,  Dobrna

MapŠkofijski dvorec (Bishop's palace),  Ljubljana

MapBetnava Mansion,  Maribor

MapNaskov dvorec Mansion,  Maribor

MapVetrinjski dvorec Mansion,  Maribor

MapManor Novo Celje,  Novo Celje

MapOplotnica manor,  Oplotnica

MapMansion Županovše,  Predmost

MapPuštal's castle,  Puštal

MapDvor Mansion,  Radeče

MapTurn Manor House,  Radeče

MapCastle Rakičan,  Rakičan

MapStrmol Manor,  Rogatec

MapSlovenj Gradec: Rotenturn Manor,  Slovenj Gradec

MapThe castle of Stara Loka or Strahl's castle,  Stara Loka

MapCastle of Škofja Loka,  Škofja Loka

MapHoman's House,  Škofja Loka

MapDobrnica or the Gutenik Castle in Zavrh,  Zavrh nad Dobrno

MapHouse Plnada in Železniki,  Železniki


Bistra Castle

Logatec Castle

MapBegunje na Gorenjskem, Castle and park,  Begunje na Gorenjskem

MapKamen Castle,  Begunje na Gorenjskem

MapBizeljsko, Orešje Castle,  Bizeljsko

MapBogenšperk Castle,  Bogenšperk

MapThe manor house Turn,  Brestanica

MapBrežice, Castle,  Brežice

MapGredič,  Ceglo

MapCelje, Celje Old Castle,  Celje

MapThe court of princes (The Lower Castle), Celje,  Celje

MapThe Dobrovo Castle,  Dobrovo

MapBorl, Borl Castle,  Dolane

MapThe Hmeljnik Castle,  Dolenje Karteljevo

MapCastle Strmol,  Dvorje

MapDrnča Manor,  Dvorska vas

MapThe castle of Gornja Radgona,  Gornja Radgona

MapGrad in Goričko, Castle (Grad),  Grad

MapThe Struga Castle,  Gumberk

MapCastle Turn,  Hrastovec

MapIdrija, Castle Gewerkenegg,  Idrija

MapKamnik, Little Castle (Mali grad),  Kamnik

MapMali grad,  Kamnik

MapStari grad (Old Castle),  Kamnik

MapZaprice Manor,  Kamnik

MapCastle Fridrihštajn,  Kočevje

MapKostel Castle,  Kostel

MapKozarišče, Snežnik, Castle,  Kozarišče

MapKhislstein Manor,  Kranj

MapSchrottenthurn Manor,  Kranj

MapSpital's Tower,  Kranj

showed 1-50 from 114

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