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Slovenia offers an exceptionally wide range of restaurants that satisfy the most demanding guests. Tasty food is available at very affordable prices. The culinary enjoyment of Slovenian dishes and high-quality Slovenian wines are just part of what is offered. You can also dine out in style at restaurants offering Italian, Serbian, French, international and various Asian cuisines. Our selection helps you make the right decision depending on where you are in Slovenia or where you are headed.
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MapJezeršek Mansion − Brnik 1768,  Zgornji Brnik

MapŠtefanič Restaurant,  Brežice

MapA`la carte restaurant,  Dobrna

MapAjdovo zrno,  Ljubljana

MapA'la carte restavracija Pri Levu,  Ljubljana

MapAllegria,  Ljubljana

MapArgentino,  Ljubljana

MapAs,  Ljubljana

MapBarka Restaurant,  Portorož

MapBrič Restaurant and enotheque,  Dekani

MapCantina Mexicana,  Ljubljana

MapCantina Mexicana Tapas bar,  Nova Gorica

MapCastle restaurant Gostilna Na gradu,  Ljubljana

MapCesarsko mesto,  Ljubljana

MapChang Xing,  Maribor

MapChenese restauration,  Velenje

MapChinese restaurant Cesar's house,  Koper

MapChinese restaurant Chang,  Koper

MapChinese restaurant Emei,  Maribor

MapChinese restaurant Macao,  Jagodje

MapChinese restaurant Šang Hai,  Kranjska Gora

MapChinese restaurant Zvezda,  Maribor

MapCity restaurant,  Krško

MapCoffee house and restaurant Pecivo,  Nova Gorica

MapDa Buda,  Ljubljana

MapDam food & wine,  Kromberk

MapDobrovo Castle Restaurant,  Dobrovo

MapDvor Javornik,  Postojna

MapFarao,  Ljubljana

MapFarmhouse Ojstrica,  Logarska Dolina

MapFavola,  Ljubljana

MapFish restaurant Pikol,  Rožna Dolina

MapFresco,  Ljubljana

MapGastromiks restaurant,  Krško

MapGostilna Breza,  Kobarid

MapGostilna Čad,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Gurman,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Štern,  Ljubljana

MapGostilna Štorklja,  Ljubljana

MapGostišče Grad Vrbovec Nazarje,  Nazarje

MapGostišče na Trgu, Hiša kulinarike in turizma,  Novo Mesto

MapGourmet Restaurant Sophia, Kempinski Palace Portorož,  Portorož

MapGovinda's,  Ljubljana

MapGrand Hotel Prisank - Restaurant - Pizzeria Napoli,  Kranjska Gora

MapGuesthouse Jazbec,  Idrsko

MapGuesthouse Macesen,  Spodnja Sorica

MapGuesthouse Premetovc,  Škofja Loka

MapHiša Franko,  Staro Selo

MapHolyfood,  Ljubljana

MapHotel - Restaurant Tomi,  Portorož

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Gostilna Slovenija brand (30)


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