Research and Development Department

The mission of the Research and Development Department is to ensure R&D support for the development and marketing of Slovenian tourism.

In the research field the department sees to the acquiring, analysing and communication of information on tourism in support of more effective development and marketing. The department prepares monthly statistical data, a wide variety of analyses and research in the field of tourism (market profiles, product surveys etc.) and periodical news (Tourism in Numbers, Tourist Mirror).

Once a year the department also organises a professional seminar (Seminar on Market Research in Tourism), attended by acclaimed local and foreign experts in the area of market research in tourism.

The department’s development activities cover primarily the preparation of strategic documents on the national level (these are the Strategy for Development and Marketing of Slovenian Tourism and product strategies) and promoting a rise in quality of Slovenia’s tourist services through marketing standards, training and information for providers. Through its policy of product development and marketing it encourages cooperation among providers, horizontal linking and networking for the individual product.

The department also strives to promote the involvement of the tourism sector in European programmes, and manages the European project EDEN – European Destinations of ExcelleNce – which is one of the key strategic projects for STB. Within the project, using European funds it encourages representatives of Slovenia’s commercial tourism sector to develop green tourism based on the principles of environmental, social and cultural sustainability.

We invite you to take a closer look at what we do:
- Statistical data 
- Market research
- Green tourism
- Strategy of Slovenian tourism
- EDEN – European Destinations of Excellence

For more information, please write to:

- mag. Maja Pak
  Head of Research and Developement Department
  phone: +386 1 589 85 62

Nataša Hočevar
  Project coordinator

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